Cards - Webflow UI Kit

Free Clonable UI Kit prepared fully in Webflow Designer

#4 Product of the DayMay 02, 2018

Cards - Webflow UI Kit is Clonable Webflow Style Kit prepared fully in Webflow Designer. Full of most commonly used components and 28 beautifully designed & coded cards. Ready to be copy & pasted to your future projects!

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Hi Hunters! Jan Losert here. Some of you might remember me through my previous hunts/products Dashboard UI Kit or Symbols & Styleguides. Anyhow, I've created something new for the community again! Let me present you my new product Cards - Webflow UI Kit! So here is what I’ve done, and yes, this time I created something really different. 👨🏻‍💻 A few days ago Webflow introduced a feature which allows users to copy and paste whole pages or just .divs between projects on their platform. Since Webflow is something that I discovered only a few months ago and it had already changed my life as a non-coding designer, I decided to create my first small web based UI Kit. My first UI Kit where everything is nicely coded using Webflow Designer. The main aim here was to create something visually beautiful. A kit that can be used by designers, as well as developers or new users to the platform. I prepared all various styles for all the main typography elements (H1-H6, links, paragraphs etc.) also buttons, tags, alerts, social icons etc.. By using these “atoms” I created as many types of cards as possible. To sum things up, I've created 28 cards in total. All of the these are obviously responsive in all Webflow stages. There are 2 hero sections, handsome product cards, article thumbnails for blog sections and sign up dialogs with all form elements covered as well. With that said! Feel free to just copy and paste one or clone all of the cards to your new or running projects. Or export all of it. Link to the Landing page: Link to the Public Template on Webflow: P.S. There is obviously a .sketch file to grab as well with all the cards (if you’re not looking around to start using Webflow yet). — Thanks again for all the positive feedback in the previous hunting and I hope you’ll enjoy this product as much as I did creating it!
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@janlosert It's nice to casually stumble upon this! Been a long time since we've caught up. Nice work as always, keep killing it :)
@jakemor Haha, long time no see man! Thanks for kind words. 🙌🏻
haha as a cofounder of another startup, we really need such kind of design tool!
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Nice work, but very confusing how to get a copy of it.
@huangdun there is a button Clone it :) you need to have a Webflow account obviously. But I get what you mean. Let me know if you need any help.
@huangdun @janlosert Hey there Jan. I must be missing something. I don't see how to get a "Clone" on this to use. Thanks in advance for the help. -Jose
@huangdun @joseram80 Hi Jose, just go to the detail of Cards (link: and press this button:
I only use webflow for non ecommerce websites. This will be an awesome perk!
It’s hard to believe you’re giving us this awesome UI Kit (along with version 2 which is amazing as well) for free! Thanks so much, truly appreciate it ⭐️