Apple Core ML

Integrate a broad variety of ML model types into your app

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This could be one of those things that we look back on and think "I never realized the impact of this tool".
@hmurchison I am super excited to see how this kickstarts the "anyone can implement AI" attitude within the mobile development community. And I think you're totally right.
Incredibly relevant : TL;DR is "how computation [read "ML"] will move back to the edge [devices]". QED (or maybe this was a self-realizing prophecy from a16z and Apple is just following whatever they say ^^").
It is also a great step toward more privacy in ML, generalizing what @randhindi & the Snips team have been prescribing and doing to some extent (computing on your device, personal info never leaves your device).
@kevin_ferret @randhindi this is what I'm most excited about. bringing the processing back to the device makes me feel much more comfortable letting companies access my information.
Holy moly!
Quite excited!
Hey PH. We've created a tool for creating your own custom Core ML models online. Check it out here -