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This could be one of those things that we look back on and think "I never realized the impact of this tool".
TrumanHunter@truman · Founder @ First
@hmurchison I am super excited to see how this kickstarts the "anyone can implement AI" attitude within the mobile development community. And I think you're totally right.
Kevin Ferret
Kevin Ferret@kevin_ferret · Product Manager, AgilOne
Incredibly relevant : TL;DR is "how computation [read "ML"] will move back to the edge [devices]". QED (or maybe this was a self-realizing prophecy from a16z and Apple is just following whatever they say ^^").
Kevin Ferret
Kevin Ferret@kevin_ferret · Product Manager, AgilOne
It is also a great step toward more privacy in ML, generalizing what @randhindi & the Snips team have been prescribing and doing to some extent (computing on your device, personal info never leaves your device).
Dan Matthews
Dan Matthews@danielmatthews · Head baker. Community Service Director.
@kevin_ferret @randhindi this is what I'm most excited about. bringing the processing back to the device makes me feel much more comfortable letting companies access my information.
Aidan Wolf
Aidan Wolf@aidan · Bringing AR to the people.
Holy moly!
Dhruv Vikram Krishna
Dhruv Vikram Krishna@dhruv_vikram_krishna · Founder & CEO, Atomiga
Quite excited!
David Friml
David Friml@david_friml · cofounder
Hey PH. We've created a tool for creating your own custom Core ML models online. Check it out here -