Visual tool for building custom deep learning models

Build, train, and ship custom deep learning models using a simple visual interface.

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Fantastic website Where are you on hotdog identification?
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@kristofertm Asking the real questions here 🌭
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@kristofertm By popular demand, Hotdog / Not Hotdog made with Lobe: https://lobe.ai/examples/not-hot...
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@kristofertm Very wholesome thread, love it!
This is the best product landing page I've seen since Muzzle.
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@rrhoover hahah classic notifications on there
@rrhoover Thanks! We really appreciate hearing that.
I can already see how this can revolutionize a few industries. My mind = Blown after watching the video on your website. Applied for the beta. You guys rock!
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@danielbrinch Thanks for the kind words!
Pretty compelling offer, building deep learning models with simple drag and drop and no code. How does it work? @mbeissinger
@abadesi Thanks! Under the hood it is a web interface that let's you interact with computation graphs. So you can use existing building blocks like a Hand Tracker that others have built and shared, or group a bunch of them together to make your own building block to use in creating machine learning applications. A fully modular system to work with high level concepts all the way down to Tensorflow operations.
This looks really awesome, great job guys! I'd love to know if you have any plans to build models around text, for example classification & sentiment?
@philip_kallberg we are working to support text processing when we get time series features in the product, so coming soon!
@philip_kallberg @mbeissinger would love this as well! Waiting for this before applying for the beta.
@philip_kallberg @mbeissinger looking forward to it as well! Applied to beta. The product even know looks mind blowing. Awesome job, congratulations