A new secure domain for apps from Google.

.app is a more secure top-level domain for mobile apps, desktop apps, web apps, app developers, and more. HTTPS is required for all websites on .app, making it the first such secure namespace available for general registration.

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Fertile ground for domain squatters! I may have pre-registered one or two. Anyone else?
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@rrhoover Where did you register them? Everywhere I looked had preregistration fees in the thousands. I may need to do some squatting myself 😉
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@rrhoover I've been waiting for 2 years and got a reminder recently. Glad it's finally available :)
@rrhoover yep. I just pre-registered decentralized.app through GoDaddy. (crosses fingers)
@krynsky I should probably go register centralized.app
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@krynsky @rdev You probably should not be publicly sharing any domains that you haven't yet acquired that you actually care about acquiring. Anyone could simply go register them now during the early access period, either because they like them and want them for their own, or because they want to resell them to you for more. If you have a domain that you really want and need, it's worth it to pay the one-time fee to acquire it during EAP. Otherwise, if you're going to roll the dice on preregistration, at least don't tell anyone else about it, or you might be competing against more people to try to get it.
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I see they're already out in the wild - https://cash.app/
@chadwhitaker Yep, there's plenty of sites that are already live and in use listed on https://get.app/
@chadwhitaker Companies with trademarks already have access.
@chadwhitaker @iamsalar1 The sunrise period (when trademark holders can register their domains) ran from March 29th to May 1st. The early access program started on May 1st, and allows anyone to register domain names for a one-time fee. A huge number of domains have already been registered during the early access program.
I don't know if there's a better way to do it, but it really sucks the way domains work. GoDaddy let's you jump the line for a premium ($3k + ). This only benefits big companies and companies that live off domain squatting. Domain squatting shouldn't be allowed at all.
@tostartafire The point of the early access and premium prices is to help prevent squatting. If you really want a name, you can get it. If all prices were low, then all the good ones would instantly be snatched up by squatters as soon as they became available, and then you'd have to turn around and pay much more to a squatter to get a good one. The high prices keep the squatters out, as it's simply too costly to acquire all the good ones up-front in hopes of being able to re-sell enough of them at a profit to make that all back. The same problem happens with concert tickets -- If they're priced too low, they all get snatched up by scalpers the second they're available and then the real fans have to pay a much higher inflated price. It's better for the concert tickets to be priced appropriately from the get go, which limits scalping and helps stabilize the price that a fan pays.
@tostartafire @tcodinat There's no way a system like that scales though. We're closing in on 14,000 domains already, and we're still in the early access program. Individual contracting and enforcement would be a nightmare from an operational perspective, and the pricing would have to be much higher than the expected $14-24 at retail in GA to fund all that enforcement. Some other TLD operators have tried much more restrictive registration policies, and almost unanimously those TLDs see low volumes of registration and use. Our goal is to improve the security of the Web by moving more sites to HTTPS (and mobile-centric sites especially need it), and that happens best by seeing a lot of these domains being used.
This is the most koolaid-drunk theory of economics I've ever heard
Too bad they're $4000+
@rdev The high registration definitely helps to hedge against [many] squatters, but you can pre-register at GoDaddy, Yay, and many others for $15-20. They'll execute the order as soon as public registration happens on the 8th. Yay.com is advertising a 99.6% success rate, but according to GoDaddy domains with multiple claims will be auctioned.
@rdev See https://www.registry.google for a full explanation of the Early Access Program. The initial registration fee will continue going down throughout the period and will hit $0 once we reach General Availability at 2018-05-08 16:00:00Z.
@mballance on every registrar any reasonable domain is tagged as Premium™ and costs a fortune. It helps against squatters, yes, but it also helps against legitimate buyers that can't afford spending $1299 on a domain name 🤷🏻‍♂️ And for the domains that you can get at a normal price you can also get a whole bunch of other domains like io/im/sh/etc. It's great for big companies though, so they can have uber.app and stuff. But for people like indie developers it's a bit too expensive
@mballance @rdev That was during the early access program. Check again now that we're in general availability. Domains are now available for as little as $14/yr depending on registrar.
@mballance @cydeweys And few hours later every domain has already been squatted
Hum, the page lists Google Domains as a registrar but this last does not allow registering a .app domain on my side, which is quite weird since Google is indirectly owning the TLD :X Are there some restrictions by countries? Another question I have, premium domains have a higher price than regular domains. Besides, the renewal costs almost the same as the first registration, which looks crazy. How is the renewal price computed for premium .app?
@ouaibou From the ones we tested it looks like the renewal is the same as the registration. i.e. if it costs $1000 to pre-register, it's $1000 to renew. Godaddy has a hyperlink below hte price that gives more info.