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It's a good exercise, not all of it is useful, some of it is really funny. overall, it's great


might get some useful ideas, changes the mindset


one more email

Thanks for the great feedback Bogdan :) I receive numerous emails every day of spam, product discounts and just general noise. My daily email (I hope) will inspire the reader and maybe spark an idea in them.
It's a very quick email to scan and enjoy. 👍 I've been a subscriber for months. Always gets me thinking.
I follow David on instagram and get few ideas daily via his instagram stories they are great! keep it up!
@ali_siam Thank you so much Ali, that means a lot :)
Do you see this developing into its own standalone community? @delahuntagram
@abadesi Great question. To be honest I don't really know. What I do know is that people seem to love my 5 ideas and the community has been growing both on my site and social. So there is definitely an opportunity to create something interesting.
@delahuntagram I love this concept! Would you like a wider distribution in mobile-first countries (where no one reads emails!)? I am founder of InTouchApp and we would love to get you content reach our audience (InTouchApp allows people to join groups / communities and consume the content. We have things like "Word a day" groups that people have joined to get & learn a new word daily). If you are interested, let's connect over email? I am at sarang _at_ intouchapp dot com. Thanks!
@saranglakare Hey Sarang, thank you for offering that service, it's much appreciated. The ideas can be consumed both on email and also on our web app - the web app allows the community to discuss the ideas and also like each others comments. I really appreciate the suggestion though and wish you every success with InTouchApp, it looks great :)
@delahuntagram Hey, can we discuss this over email privately? The mobile world works on notifications - every day, users will get a notification about 5 ideas that they can click to check out, discuss, etc. Unfortunately, going to websites and consuming content is not how a mobile-first user access content. I would love to discuss this further. Your group on InTouchApp would be your property - not ours. Think of it like another channel besides email and your website. Thanks!
This could trigger a Developer as a Service team haha

Now i can get new ideas everyday to hack.

Another great community to find developers and communicate on shipping pojects


Great product for Indiemakers


None that i have encountered

Appreciate it Nana :)