Product Hunt Weekly Digest
July 26th, 2020

“This is game-changing”
Last weekend tech Twitter was ablaze with tweets about OpenAI’s newest project, GPT-3. A handful of makers and builders received early access to test out the new AI model with some incredible results. This is one of our favorites from Jordan Singer, a Maker of the Year nominee from a few years ago.

While there’s debate about how “game-changing” GPT-3 is, it’s undoubtably another step toward the future. In a tweet, OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman, stated, “For non-programmers, it's like experiencing the magic of programming for the first time.”

Over the years – especially the last few – we’ve seen an increase in the number of AI-related products launch on Product Hunt. No doubt we’ll see a wave of GPT-3 powered experiments shortly. In the meantime, here are 10 AI-powered products launched over the last few months:

Is it cake answers the internets biggest question of the moment

Slazzer quickly removes the background on any image

Fluently users machine learning to help you write in any language

Rosebud AI generates realistic, but fake, virtual models

Perfect Quote uses AI to find quotes that match any image

Krew offers at home fitness options enhanced with AI use cases

Proven offers personalized skincare powered by AI tailored to individuals generates and records a podcast episode about your topic of interest

Pearlii offers free, fast dental check-ups using AI image processing

Let’s Enhance uses AI to increase photo resolution with no loss in quality

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