AI-augmented livestreams with independent PTs and physios

From quick check-ins to group sessions, Krew provides a platform for PTs, physiotherapists and nutritionists to offer all of their services online
We complement the main livestream with motion tracking, heart rate detection from video, and exercise/meal plans
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We launched Krew because we saw millions of people working out from home for the first time, a trend which is here to stay. On the other side we saw professionals who didn't have the right product (format or tech) to cover that new demand. So we thought, what if we make the basic experience super seamless, and add useful features like motion tracking, heart rate detection, exercise and meal plan builders etc to make customers feel like they are getting the real deal? If no one feels Netflix is a compromise vs going to the cinema, no one should feel that way about working out from home -it just covers a different need!- We are built on scalable, dynamic P2P typologies, meaning our video is higher quality, lower latency, and more secure than what you get with Zoom and others. It also allows us to deliver AI uses cases which others can simply not scale with existing technologies.
Enjoy the most affordable, elegant and robust platform that helps you attract & engage the most appropriate audience in the fitness, nutrition and physiotherapy industries. Perfect for trainers and trainees. Good job guys!
@ridwan_abdsalam thank you Ridwan! a lot of work went into this
These are the kind of initiatives we need ๐Ÿ™Œ Very good work guys!
@jameswright Thank you James!! We really believe independent pros deserve the be on equal footing with everyone else, and the whole industry is shifting towards remote
Great solution, I can't think a better time for this product to pentrate the fitness market, best of luck!
@roy_amikam Thank you Roy! We love our fitness coaches, but also our physiotherapists and nutritionists who haven't had a solution to serve them properly until now!
Excellent & timely idea, well executed