Free, fast dental check-ups using AI image processing

#1 Product of the MonthApril 2020
We believe dental check-ups should be free, fast and more accessible - not a privilege. Pearlii uses AI image processing to scan dental photos, taken at home with your smartphone camera. Download our beta App (Android only), please share your feedback 💕
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Pearlii is an investor-backed, dentaltech startup in Melbourne, Australia. Personally - I've got shit teeth. I grew up in a lower-socioeconomic household in outback Australia. I've since learned that almost all dental problems are preventable with regular check-ups and good oral hygiene, so I'm now scrupulous about my oral health, but a lot of damage was already done. With Pearlii, I'm trying to prevent this happening to anyone else. Healthy teeth shouldn't be a privilege and no kid should have to grow up with bad teeth. A free dental screening and education app like Pearlii has the potential to shift the landscape, spotting problems earlier and boosting oral health literacy. Pearlii is still in beta mode, but we have big plans - so please follow our story. In future, we will add many more features, such as scanning for more and more oral diseases, adding rich educational content created by our Dentists, tracking your teeth whitening and straightening, while the ultimate goal is to create seamless referral pathways (e.g. book a dentist appointment). So, while we understand that we still have loads of work to do, now is a good time to start collecting real feedback from Users. And where else better than Product Hunt? :)
@kyle_t awesome idea!
@kyle_t Hi Kyle, First of all congratulation to you, and to the whole Pearlii team. I am documenting journey of individuals who are innovating, inventing, and creating things in general, through out the world. The proposal is to do a short interview, capture it in video, and let it out to the world, so that others can get inspiration. And, at the same time you and your team will get acknowledgement for the hustle. I would like to request you to please let me know when you are available so that we can discuss this in more detail at tellmeaboutit510{at} . Thanks, and good luck! Subodh
@subodh__ thanks Subodh! I'll drop you a quick email now :)
@kyle_t congratulations to you and the team for coming up with such a brilliant app for dental health. Being a dentist I know that people avoid treatments unless there is a pain but with such a great app they will be motivated to get routine checkups with just a click. Current world is tech-savvy and with "Pearlii" for oral health we can do a lot to prevent oral and maxillofacial disease.Looking forward to bright future for dentistry and would love to contribute in development of this dental technology in the best possible way.
@nidhi_jani Hi Nidhi - thank you for such a wonderful comment! Please continue to follow our story :)
This is an amazing app! Being a dentist, I know how people avoid coming to the dentist as much as possible and as a last resort (mostly due to pain). For treatment, it gives limited options to the dentist to treat them in turn causing more avoidance in the future. With this app, this cycle can be broken! Anyone can get dental check-ups done at regular intervals from anywhere! This way we are more aware of our oral health and makes it less daunting to visit the dentist! Looking forward to its bright future! :)
@rujuta_nikam Thanks Rujuta! Particularly nice to hear from the dentist community! FYI we're working closely with dentists, in touch with peak bodies in Australia, and we're setting up clinical trials at the University of Melbourne Dental School to make sure we do Pearlii the right way :)
Great idea, @kyle_t! When's the iOS app coming?
@mtimofiiv Thanks, Mike! We're spending this week still on Android to fix bugs, but ultimately to redesign the Results (lol, it doesn't really 'end'?). iOS version is still 2-4 weeks away, sorry. Please follow for updates - and thank you for your patience!
Being in lockdown really has me thinking about the need for mobile healthcare. No matter how much your mum nags you to go to the dentist, it's just one of those things that's too easy to put off. I love the idea of being able to get a check-up on my phone at any time.
Kyle is a good friend of mine and I’ve been watching him build Pearlii for months now, working hard and sacrificing a lot to bring it to life. He showed me the app a few weeks ago on his android (I have an iphone). And it actually works! Haha it’s awesome, it picked up gingivitis on my gums and I was like “oh yeah, should definitely go see a dentist”. I’m super honoured to know Kyle and it’s a privilege to watch him and his team bring pattern recognition algos to primary healthcare to make it more accessible for everyone. Get around it and leave feedback!
@levim cheers Levi!