Is it cake?

A cake detector to help you know for sure - is it cake?

Is it cake?
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You deserve to know...
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πŸ‘€ Mobile app and better image recognition coming soon.
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This reminded me of the Not Hotdog app in the show Silicon Valley! Great site 🍰
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@jayehernandez lol, good reference. Here's the link for the curious: Not Hotdog
@jayehernandez nice eye! πŸ‘€ Thanks for checking it out!
Hi ProductHunters, I was inspired to do something about the cake crisis on our hands... Please join us in saving the world, one cake at a time πŸŽ‚
@likeaj6 something the world has needed for a long time 😏
Ok jingyang
@khalil_leo *Jin yang
Great use for AI πŸ˜‰
@danbars The cake detector will become more powerful than GPT-3 with everyone's help!
Million dollar question. If we know what is not a hot dog and what is a cake, humanity can progress. Finally.