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May 26th, 2020

Elon's big launch day 🚀
It’s time to unleash Crew Dragon. Later today if weather permits, a test mission known as Demo-2 will send NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley to the International Space Station.

The plan is to blast off at 4:33 PM EDT today and dock at the ISS at 11:40 AM EDT tomorrow.

Crew Dragon is a crewed spacecraft that was made to fly astronauts on round trips to space, and it’s launched into orbit by SpaceX’s reusable two-stage Falcon 9 rocket. If the Demo-2 test is deemed a success, they plan to certify the spacecraft as operational and launch a three-man, one-woman crew this fall.

Now seems like the perfect time to try and land Elon Musk’s SpaceX rocket yourself, from the comfort of your browser. Not so easy to do, right?

This occasion marks a new era in spaceflight, where our dreams of being a space tourist aside Elon could hypothetically be realized. NASA expects the Commercial Crew Program will one day launch private citizens as well as professional astronauts, allowing private sector development both on the ground and in space.

A remote escape room conveniently called Moonshot has us living our destiny today. It’s a space-themed challenge that you can join over video conference with your colleagues to get into the launch spirit.

And one more Elon-themed product to check out: If Elon were your dad, what would your name be? Find out here.

Crew Dragon, assemble! You can watch Nasa’s livestream here. 🐉
Land the Falcon
Facebook just launched a TikTok-inspired music app. 🎶

With Collab you can watch, record, and remix 3-part music videos with your friends.
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