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May 24th, 2020

Side project ceremony 🥂
Life finds a way. And so do weddings, as it turns out. 👰

During the pandemic many weddings have been put on hold indefinitely. We’ve also seen some sweet stories of couples reimagining their dream day to fit our current reality.

There’s now a community for virtual weddings planning to get you ready to celebrate your big day online.

“I got engaged last year and started planning our wedding. Unfortunately, along with thousands of others, we had to cancel our wedding due to CoVid-19. The sinking feeling of wasted time, money & energy crept in,” says the maker Micah Cohen.

If you’re planning an online ceremony, it’s a toolkit for everything you need to make it happen. Laws around virtual weddings have been changing too. In New York State, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order to make video marriages legally binding, and several other states have since followed suit. Since many couples have faced financial hardship during the crisis, it’s got them wondering if an online wedding could actually be the answer.

Virtual weddings aren’t the only way to mark the occasion either. We spotted a couple celebrating their special day in a very PH way.

“Today was my original wedding date. Like many other brides, our wedding was affected due to COVID-19. We turned our original wedding date into our business launch date!” - says the maker, Erica Halpern.

With their expertise in dentistry, they launched Bride Brite, an at home alternative to teeth whitening treatments at the dental office. They locked down top product of the day yesterday on PH. 👏

Launch day or wedding day, we’d like to make a toast to couples taking matters into their own hands to make happy memories. 🥂
Zoom a wedding
If you’re planning a virtual wedding, you have lots of reading to do. Check out Verblr to send any content you want to their app to get it made into a podcast. 📱✨
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