Fun social and drinking games for video calling 🍻

Ziago is a new platform for fun social games with friends and family on video calls. Players join through a game link, and can play from any device. Everyone follows along in realtime, and is instantly notified of game events and other player actions!
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Hi PHπŸ‘‹, meet Ziago! A games platform to help curb the social distancing loneliness, and keep people connected πŸ˜€ To get to where it's at now took about a month and a half, and so far it has 8 games and good traction from all over. The idea came about when some mates and I wanted to play games over video calls but soon discovered it's quite a struggle. It's built solely on Firebase, cause I needed something with realtime capabilities to launch quickly and effortlessly. I wrote about the principles followed to start testing so quickly: https://codeburst.io/how-i-built... Would love any feedback, and happy to chat!
Excellent work guys!
Great idea, but I'm just worried that with all those amazing stay-at-home products we will have no incentive to go out when it's all over ) Just kidding, of course!
@vasiliypopov Thanks Vasily. Haha! I'm sure real social interaction will always win.
Great stuff! Ill definitely going to try it out! The UI looks great and I love that it is web only and I dont have to download anything. I think two good games to add would be Charades and House item Scavenger hunt. Played this with my friends over zoom recently. Also great to see TDD being used for an MVP!
@markus_saitmacher1 Thanks for the great feedback Markus. We'll definitely look into those games, sounds like fun.
Very smooth onboarding process! Quite happy.
@jayphaeton Thanks Jay! Glad you like it :-)