Build, share & run developer workflows in the CLI + Slack

Slack-first, serverless DevOps platform for automating developer workflows in the CLI + Slack, without having to build for each specific platform. In short, streamline and accelerate your development team by enabling DevOps on Slack. We call it SlackOps.
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So excited to be launching this product! I started working with CTO.ai a month ago, and I love the founder @slajax + team, platform, and the potential. I’d encourage everyone to play with the product — https://cto.ai/platform — share your thoughts, and help build it with us in our DevOps Slack community: https://w.cto.ai/community
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@slajax @pollock Congrats on the launch, will definitely be sharing with my CTO friends!
@slajax @galinaozgur that's amazing! Our dream is to make teams more productive through collaboration.
@slajax @pollock congrats on successful launch!
@pollock what's being worked on now that you're excited to release in the near future?
@slajax @pollock Kudos guys! 🤙 🚀 Having Tristan onboard means that CTO.ai is ready to disrupt the DevOps as a service industry. Actually, empowering the developers at all skill levels to embrace automation and run code from Slack is just brilliant! Such a time-saver. Go for it - Javy from Zeshion & Crasqui Ventures
Hello Product Hunt, Founder of CTO.ai here. Ask me anything! I'm pumped to see The Ops Platform go live in the Slack App Directory so every development team can now easily automate their DevOps workflows! We love to help developers build great automation experiences for their teams. With millions of new remote development teams, our goal is to help developers bring their tools to where communication and collaboration happen; Slack. We're currently in a free and open beta and we would love to spend some time with you thinking about how you can automate your workflows! Please AMA, send us feedback and also join our growing Slack community - our entire team hangs out there and we would love to build with you! Let's ship together!
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@slajax do you guys have a human CTO?
@chrismessina Great question! I was CTO in my last company and even though I'm acting as CEO in CTO.ai, I am still very hands on with the CTO type functions of our business at this stage. As a CTO, CTO.ai was the product I felt that didn't exist, which would have helped me really empower my development team, so I went about building it. The entire point of the product is to help CTO's enable their teams!
Congrats on the launch! I'm a bit fan of the idea for teams to easily be able to craft and share workflows, makes a lot of sense for teams
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@tjholowaychuk Thanks TJ - triage is still one of my favourite ops on the platform!
@tjholowaychuk TJ! Great to see you here and thanks for sharing!
The CTO.ai Slack App is in the Slack marketplace. Its been great working towards bringing dev tools into the platforms where collaboration happens!
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Very impressed by this platform and everything it offers. Knowing the calibre of the team behind it, the power of the tech it contains, and the opportunity in the marketplace means that I can't wait to see what the next level looks like.
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@don_burks Thanks for the kind words Don!
@don_burks The Don of Time! Thanks for sharing your thoughtful words. We look forward to building this up and onward with your feedback.
@don_burks Glad you like it!