Product Hunt Daily Digest
March 15th, 2020

*Do* try this at home

While you might be staying home amid the coronavirus outbreak right now, it's possible you have some newfound free time. We’re already seeing a trend on Product Hunt where makers are launching products to help those stuck at home find new hobbies, focus on productivity and stay connected to others virtually.

A sampling of new things to try (these all launched within the past week):

👀 No Code Challenges are weekly challenges to test your no code skills. Each week, you’ll learn to develop a tool or product without using code

“Awesome growing community! Glad to be a part of it.” - Greg

🎨 Noshi Food Paint is paint...for your food. One set comes with three tubes of different-colored organic fruit puree (strawberry, peach and blueberry) that kids (or adults!) can paint on their food.

“My kids were picky eaters so I invented something to get them interested in — and engaged with — their food. And it worked.” - Noshi

📕 Read This Twice is a verified book recommendations site from entrepreneurs, authors, investors, scientists and politicians. Every single recommendation on the website has been verified by someone influential and a source link to the recommendation.

“Browsing your website made my reading list grow uncontrollably” - Arshak

🙏 Atom lets you easily add meditation as a habit to your routine. The app uses principles of behavioral psychology and research on habit building to make mindful meditation productive.

“Being a person with a very restless mind, trying to meditate in the first place and then committing to it to form a habit is something I was never able to do. Atom has actually made it easier for me to do that.” - Atishay

🙌 Quarantivity is a collection of positive projects launching from around the world right now. What can you create in the face of adversity and the unknown?

“They say necessity is the mother of invention.” - Adam

Try the No Code Challenge

What do you have at home? Take a quick inventory of your supplies with this.

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