Deals on empty airline seats for spontaneous travelers

#1 Product of the DayMarch 14, 2020
GetLost specializes in cheap, last-minute (less than 3 weeks before departure), surprise getaways. By working with airlines to identify empty seats, we secure exclusive deals on flights and reward travelers for their flexibility.
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Current outbreak might not be the best time for lunch. Good luck.
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@janet_gotwill Hey Janet, thank you for the feedback! While the current outbreak certainly does not invite travel, we wish to use this period to gauge/understand the demand and interest in cheap and last-minute mystery travel, especially with the increasing number of flights that are departing empty. Once the outbreak subsides (and when it is safer to travel), we wish to provide a reliable way of traveling without breaking the bank. In the meantime, we encourage everyone to sign up for our newsletter to stay in touch, which helps us secure better deals with airlines.
@janet_gotwill @williamhuang12 "Once the outbreak subsides (and when it is safer to travel)," ... and as Janet pointed out: "Current outbreak might not be the best time for launch."
It's irresponsible to launch and run a service like this right now.
@john_c_palmer Hey John, I appreciate the concern, and understand the timing isn't great. Our goal with this launch is to demonstrate interest in our product (which doesn't necessarily require flying or even leaving a safe, socially-distanced apartment!), so that we can secure airline agreements and continue improving our service to be ready when things get better. Newsletter signups, upvotes, and support across social media help us demonstrate this. Since we are facing a threat of unknown duration, we want to be able to learn as much as we can in the current environment. I urge everyone to follow local and national guidance about traveling and social-distancing, and I hope that everyone stays safe during this uncertain time.
@adam_kaplan1 The product currently encourages people to take advantage of cheap flight prices to travel within the next could turn that off.
👋Hey ProductHunt, I’m Adam, one of the cofounders of GetLost. I am excited to announce that we are launching our beta to make cheap last-minute travel a reality! We were recently featured in The Points Guy by our first traveler, and are looking forward to more great feedback from the PH community. Even if you are not ready to book yet, please join our newsletter to stay updated with our product for when you’re ready to travel -- this will help us gauge interest and secure even better deals in the future. 📖Story As an avid traveler who has visited over 100 countries, I have always been frustrated by the astronomical cost of last-minute flights. These high ticket prices are paradoxical since over 128 million empty airline seats depart empty every year. This happens because airlines do not have efficient ways to distinguish between destination-inflexible business travelers and flexible leisure travelers. After too many lost weekends and missed opportunities to travel, @williamhuang12 and I teamed up to fix this. 🛠What is GetLost? We are an online travel agency designed for destination-flexible travelers. Rather than selecting a single destination, our travelers choose the theme of their trip, e.g. Caribbean, where a traveler would visit one of San Juan, St. Thomas, Saint Martin, or Aruba, and discover their destination after booking. Travelers can customize their travel dates, flight times, and to exclude a destination they don’t want to visit, then pay and discover their destination. Because of this design, we are able to fill empty seats without sacrificing airlines' revenue from valuable business travelers... Effectively creating our own exclusive last-minute deals and sales. 💰How do we make money? We make money by saving you money. Since we are providing a service to both airlines and travelers, we will operate on a commission-based model. We plan to take a small markup on the trips we sell, and once we expand to provide hotels and other travel experiences, we plan to make additional commission through selling those travel products as well. For our beta, however, we are not adding any markup on our flight product (and are, in fact, marking down flights)! 🚀Just for ProductHunt We are running a flight giveaway during our beta, giving away roundtrip flights for two to our Caribbean destinations. After completing the other tasks, enter the code “PH20” to get an additional 20 entries/chances to win. Join here or visit the “Win Free Flights” tab on our website. You can also enter the same code on our check-out page (“PH20”) to get $20 off your first booking with us! I look forward to hearing your feedback on our product, will be around all day to answer any questions. Especially once the current COVID-19 outbreak improves, I would love to send some PH members on awesome trips (without breaking the bank!). Happy travels and stay safe/healthy! Adam
Hey Will, congrats on launching! This is awesome under normal circumstances, but not sure if this is the right environment to validate a product like this... both from a social responsibility and bias (in supply & demand) perspective. But I also respect your hustle. Good luck!
@tim061693 Hey Tim, responding for William as he is busy at the moment, thanks for the concern and feedback. While the current circumstances are unfortunate, today's launch has been super helpful for our ability to demonstrate excitement in the product, and will enable us to continue building so that we are ready when things start looking up. Thanks for the support!
@tim061693 Hey Tim, I apologize for the late response. I was able to see Adam's reply earlier but wanted to respond personally once I had the time. To shed some light on our thought process, we believe the key to helping airlines in the hopefully not-so-distant future occurs when the aviation industry begins to see an uptrend in demand following the containment of COVID-19, where customer segmentation and improvement in sales/operational efficiencies become even more vital to airlines as they recover. As Adam said, this launch on PH has enabled us to demonstrate quantifiable excitement and interest in the product, which will help us work with airlines to create better flight deals. Thank you for taking the time to drop a comment and give us feedback (and the compliment!), it really does help us iterate and think critically about our product and vision. If you would like to connect/chat more, feel free to DM me (or email me at :)
Congrats on the launch Billy