Krisp Rooms is an AI-powered noise & echo cancelling app designed for meeting rooms of any size. It works with all popular room system software and cancels background noise & room echo in real-time, leaving only voices of all the participants.
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😉Greetings Product Hunters, I’m Arto, the Co-Founder of Krisp. 🔥We’re presenting you an absolutely new product that’s designed specifically for meeting rooms. It’s called Krisp Rooms and it solves 2 of the most prominent pain points of conference rooms: background noise and room echo. It cancels both noise and echo in real-time while having multi-voice support, which means all the meeting participants will be heard crystal clear. With Krisp Rooms you will have a superior meeting experience together with your coworkers and teammates, with no need for expensive room system setup and audio equipment. You can effortlessly connect to your Zoom Rooms, Microsoft Teams Rooms, Webex Room or any other meetings as Krisp Rooms supports all of the popular room system software. And best of all, Krisp Rooms works with meeting rooms of any shape and size, with as many participants as you want. Below see live demo from my co-founder Davit.
Currently, it’s only available for Windows, but you know we won’t leave our Mac users hanging. We are excited for you to try our new product, so let us know how it goes!
Great for these “coronavirus” days! Is this also integrated to the main krisp app?
@ashotarzumanyan Yes, Krisp Room is integrated into Krisp app. From UX perspective it's just a checkbox.
@artavazd_minasyan so do i get it right that if there are kids talking around during a call, it’s better to use standard krisp without rooms?
@ashotarzumanyan Yes. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
A great product for conducting online lessons!
@sona_vardanyan Sure thing. ❤️
Is the echo cancellation available for Mac OS version as well?
@narek_vardanyan Not yet, hopefully in next few months.
Hi. I'm not clear on the difference between this and your normal Krisp windows app. Are they different? There seems to be only one pricing page on your site, so are these two different products, or the same product? Thanks.
@jim_duggan Krisp Room is integrated inside Krisp app. From UX perspective the change is minimal - just a checkbox. But when the checkbox is On, it's running a very different technology: 1) The tech cancels both noise and room echo 2) It preserves all human voices. So if you have multiple people in the meeting room - all their voices will be preserved. This is in contrary to default mode of Krisp app which tries to only preserve the primary speaker's (laptop owners) voice. Krisp Rooms is designed to be integrated with ZoomRooms or similar products. Here are the steps: 1) Select Krisp mic from ZoomRooms app (their tablet app) 2) Inside Krisp app, enable "Krisp Rooms" checkbox That's it. Now your meeting room is krisp. Hope this makes sense.
@davit_baghdasaryan Thanks! That's clearer now. One final question: in normal mode (i.e. with the checkbox off), does Krisp cancel room echo? Or does that only work if the Room feature is activated? Thank you.
@jim_duggan Krisp cancels the echo only than "Enable Krisp Rooms" checkbox is ON.