Product Hunt Daily Digest
March 11th, 2020

"Calendly meets Cameo"

Yesterday, we wrote about the novelty of short, one-on-one video calls with the people in your life who you normally don’t make time to catch up with. Today we’re looking at one-on-one video calls with people who are in your life in a different way, meaning you follow them on Instagram. 🤳

Superpeer just raised $2 million to help influencers and experts making money with one-on-one video calls. The idea is reminiscent of Cameo, the app where fans can pay celebrities for video shout outs, but Superpeer intends to support “the knowledge economy.” 👋

“Creators and influencers get paid for all the knowledge they share, helping them create more personalized platform through which they can connect with their fans in a more meaningful way. We hope soon, every Twitter bio, every Github repo, Linkedin, Dribbble profile say, every Youtube video ends with ‘if you want to connect with me or have any questions, please book a time with me,” - Superpeer Maker Devrim Yasar wrote on Product Hunt.

As a follower, Superpeer can help answer your follow-up questions after you, say, watch a how-to video from a YouTube creator. Through these one-on-one videos, you can have an in-depth, brain-picking types of conversations with experts and Superpeer will handle all the logistics for booking the actual call. In that regard, it’s a platform for monetized virtual “coffee meetings” with in-demand people more than anything. ☕️

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Here’s what early adopters think:

“Making a more professional-focused service that's kind of like Calendly meets Cameo is so well timed given the rise of the influencer market.“ - Chris

“I hope it takes off and becomes a viable way for influencers to make a living without sponsorships and ads” - Ramy

“Easier than Patreon.” - Julia

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