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September 25th, 2017

Find a dope remote job 👊
Working remotely isn't just a calculated tradeoff between your favorite office perks and not getting out of bed, it's also about the flexibility of working from anywhere.

In fact, remote workers that come into the office on a rare occasion are very likely traveling the world working from the beach one week, and from Philz Coffee the next, while you are stuck at your standing desk.

Today we reveal how remote workers transform into digital nomads:

Step 1: Discover Nomad List, learn about Pieter Levels 👱🏻
Step 2: Play with the Cost of Living Calculator and compare 💰
Step 3: Contemplate what it would be like working no desk 🤔 
Step 4: Discover the Remote Starter Kit 💪
Step 4: Create a Remote Work Stash in Evernote or Bear 🐻
Step 5: Find your new best (traveling) friend on TWIP 💕
Step 6: Start researching where you want to travel to
Step 7: Invest in the best Nomad Gear to impress 💅
Step 8: F*ck up calendar invites due to multi-timezones 😖
Step 9: Discover FlagTimes, never mess up timezones again 🙏
Step 10: Find a remote job where you can work from anywhere 🌎
Work Remotely
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