A curated collection of resources for the digital nomad

NoDesk is a curated collection of resources for the digital nomad, remote worker and traveling professional.

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Hey guys! I'm the creator of NoDesk. I created this as a fun side project. Happy to answer any questions. All feedback/suggestions are welcome. Thanks for posting @charlieirish.
Nice collection, bookmarked :) This kind of resources are always handy for remote workers, I love how I can find content to chat groups, awesome!
@iangelidaki Thanks ioanna!
@iangelidaki Took the words right out of my mouth :)
@omrishabi Hey, great minds think alike ;)
It's like a better Google for nomads entrepreneurs - that's awesome! I love how it goes from articles and blogs to chat groups and coworking places.
@rutgerteunissen Thanks Rutger. Great to hear!
hey, love this. @hitlist_app might be worth including in the travel section? We make it easy to see where your friends live and have been so you can get advice, and also easier to find where is affordable to go.
@gillianim Hi Gillian, thanks for introducing me to Hitlist. It's now live on NoDesk. Thanks