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The best gear for digital nomads as voted by you 💫

Nomad Gear is a collection of the most popular products tested and used by digital nomads and voted on by you. Products for digital nomads are characterized as minimal, functional and highly durable.

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iPhone? MacBook Pro 15''? Apple Magic Keyboard? Google Chromecast? So we can put there probably anything. It's basically a list of some common products, after ~month using it by people (or not) it will present a stale data based on votes.
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@jakub_pomykala I was thinking the same. I believe that presenting the products in a Top 10 could be more effective because products will reach the spotlight and people will be more interested in an Awesome Backpack #1 than iPhone 7 #1.
@perte exactly, I'm afraid that top 5 products will be the apple products.
@jakub_pomykala Theoretically, yes. Practically, that's not really what's happening. A lot of the top products are essential for travelers, like the Bose Quiet Comfort 35 headphones that reduce noise when flying (nomads fly a lot!). The Roost Stand is the quintessential nomad product made popular by nomads. N26 and Revolut are new fintech banks that are built around the idea of international app-based banking: I've had incredible trouble with my old traditional banks since becoming nomad! Schwab is a bank for US citizens that has specific products for international travelers (like refunding ATM fees).
@levelsio Thanks for the reply I understand how important are that items which you mentioned, but we with @perte are talking about sorting and adding obvious items like apple keyboard, MacBook etc.

Anyways it has been really helpful for me so far in deciding where I want to go in europe. So kudos to levels!


It's authentic because so many people have voted for verifying this data.


Some times the filters on the website don't work the way they should.

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It's like Product Hunt for nomad gear.


All the best stuff for being productive and happy while staying mobile.


It makes me spend the monies. :(

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Simple and useful 👍
@levelsio Great idea, very useful! & even better if you give away an item a week. Maybe start with the nomad list membership ;-) #marketing