Nomad List Collections

Curated collections of the best places to live and travel

#4 Product of the DayApril 26, 2016

Nomad List Collections is a curated list of collections on the best places to and travel for remote workers and digital nomads.

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First of all, this is heavily inspired by Product Hunt's Collections. My road map for Nomad List is pretty much doing what Product Hunt does for products, and then I can do it for cities/countries/places. πŸ™ The problem I was facing is that Nomad List grew from 25 cities to now over 500 and soon over 1,000 cities. That makes it hard to discover places just by filtering them on the main page. That's why I wanted to add semi-automated and curated collections to Nomad List as it'll make it easier for people to discover new places. This week I'll also add curated collections by famous travelers, entrepreneurs and athletes (who all travel a lot), as well as letting users make their own collections! I've added a little Typeform at the bottom so you can already request a collection for now πŸ˜ƒ
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@levelsio nice! I like following certain lists on PH, helps me discover new products. This feature on Nomad List looks promising.
@tomaslau thanks Tomas! That's exactly what I'm trying to do with places :)
@levelsio is there a section for nomad families to get tips? My wife and I are expecting a tiny one and are considering nomading while the kids are tiny.
@grahammcbain yes! Lots of talk about it on Nomad List's forum
Nice, @levelsio. Maybe you can partner with Airbnb or Party with a Local to help curate. 😊
Nice suggestion @rrhoover. @Partywithalocal users could help curate more on the nightlife side of things - list specific venues, events etc maybe. Let us know if you're interested in chatting @levelsio. But I reckon @hitlist_app would be a simpler and better fit to partner with first up.
I applaud everything @levelsio does! You're a machine man! πŸ™ŒπŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Love these collections. Who are the curators? Would love to see the expansion of these where they could mix flight deals, co-working/living spaces and things like that into one collection... kind of like a collection around how I did a certain trip. Would also love to be able to comment and chat with nomads on the collections themselves as that could be useful.
@bentossell Hey Ben! Thanks for asking me to post this πŸ™‡ It's currently just me curating it based on research and my own experiences. But this week I'm adding famous/notable travelers to pick their favorite spots. Ah that's a great idea! Like have a set for a certain city that shows you the flight deal, coworking space and cities near it? I kinda have this if you click a city now but I could make it into a collection/set for sure. Sure, I'll add a comment section soon. For now you can chat about it the Nomad List Chat at
@levelsio yeah so like a 'Thailand Nomad Kit' - these flights, this space, homestay, even products like backpacks etc. yeah would be an awesome place to see a notable traveler and promote their recommendations and would make me look at their story a bit more I think. This caught my attention because I've just booked Bali for June 5th for 3 weeks... it's no nomad lifestyle just yet but dipping my toe in! And yes I am aware that Bali does not have the greatest internet speeds but I get less than 3Mbs in my own apartment in the UK!!!
@bentossell I heard Bali is getting better and is now at 5mbps!
@levelsio @bentossell I'd be happy to help you with the flights side of things - we've got a few product extensions of @hitlist_app that could make that quite straightforward.
Nice! What about customization? So I can define the parameters (air, cost etc.) and I'll get the best cities depending on my preferences.
Oops, that's already exists. Sorry for not digging more before posting.
@grmmph yes! I should make that more clear. Easiest is to go to the homepage at where you can find all cities