Cost of Living Calculator

City comparison tool to see how far your salary will go

Moving to a new city? The Cost of Living Comparison Calculator crunches the numbers across 250 cities so you can compare living cost indexes such as housing, transportation, food, and other expenses. See how far your salary will go to maintain your standard of living.

  • John Borden
    John BordenCreative Coder from New Mexico

    It's actually quite fun to play around with


    I live in New Mexico. My friends live in New Mexico. I don't see any cities from New Mexico. Makes it less entertaining.

    Basically I'm just whining because the data is a tad incomplete and everyone still thinks I live in a part of the country that doesn't exist.

    It's actually really slick and well put together.

  • Asher Harris
    Asher HarrisMarketing Manager @ BuzzRamp

    Simple, easy to use,


    I wish there was one for other cities outside London

    It's a wake up call to the stark differences in living costs across America.

    Asher Harris has used this product for one day.
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Minu Palaniappan
Minu Palaniappan@minu · Shifting problems to products
ATL 😎 > SF 😫
Charlie Kaplan
Charlie Kaplan@ciwk · CEO @ Cymbal
This is cool and now I feel even more broke
Rishub Kumar
Rishub KumarMaker@rishub_kumar
@ciwk Thanks Charlie! It definitely makes me want to move cities
Denis Dinkevich
Denis Dinkevich@diskevich · Talent Enthusiast | Technology Geek
nice one! it would be cool if you whenever add an EMEA area as well. anyway, congrats on launching and looking forward to seeing the bravest city of Kiev, Ukraine on your list soon 😺
Rishub Kumar
Rishub KumarMaker@rishub_kumar
@diskevich Thanks Denis! We are always working on adding more data, and hope to add EMEA areas in the future!
Jóhann Hannesson
Jóhann Hannesson@johannbenedikt · Product and sometimes Project Manager
This is a really nice looking tool, but seems to have some odd cities missing... Portland, OR is missing which seems odd, but the tiny Oregon town of Klamath Falls is in the data set.
Jérémie André
Jérémie André@jeremieandre_fr · Tech fan, Traveler, Blogger
Hope you'll be bringing European countries data soon!