The macOS app for anyone working in multiple timezones.

Flag Times is a tool to quickly and easily see what time it is in other time zones within the Mac toolbar.

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Hi all! I am Pierre Reimertz and the maker of FlagTimes. It's such a pleasant surprise to see this on Product Hunt now when it's out of beta. :) I myself was working remotely just like @antoineplu and got tired of doing time zone calculations in my head all the time. So after a while I wondered; there's gotta be a simple tool out there that can show you multi time zones in the menu bar? It turned out, no! So I wrote a hard-coded version with just the time zones I wanted, but after friends and other remote people around me saw the app, they wanted it as well... So I was like, let's build this thing! And here we are, a couple of months and some beta iterations later and I'm quite happy with it. If I start to se a bunch of users, I will most definitely add more features to it. 🎉🎉 Also, since it's on ProductHunt, I will lover the price to $0.99 🎉🎉 Edit: OMG this is on the front page, seriously humbled right now! -> https://twitter.com/reimertz/sta...
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@antoineplu @reimertz shut up and take my money!!
@antoineplu @josefrichter I don't know why, but it feels like a life achievement having someone quoting you in this particular Futurama meme.
This is pretty amazing! What would make it even better is if there was a way to check something like "What time would it be in [X] if it is 11 AM local?". I've been looking for a tool to do that so I can easily coordinate meetings. Would be even better if there was some kind of time scale with two time zones that I could drag to see what the time would be. Any plans to build something like this?
@palavalli Great idea! Since the app seems to get some traction now, I will most definitely start adding features to it and this could be one of them! :D
@palavalli Hey! I currently use Clocker which has a slider feature that enables this
@palavalli @manny_orduna Seems like a legit app, future updates will definitely be inspired by this app. :)
I'd pay x20 the current price easily. It's super helpful, good job!
@vesln 🤑 wow, thanks! 🤑
So true, I'm more than happy to paid such app made by indie dev 🙏🏻
Have you considered joining Setapp?
@graver_ua I have not, never heard about it tbh. It's quite a good idea! :) edit: sent them an request. Will let you know what happens.
Since I'm working remotely with different timezones, I was looking for a dead simple mac status bar to being able to give a quick look to the local time in each city. I was kinda desperate to not found what I wanted until @onaliugo found for me FlagTimes! It's exactly what I needed, I love it 😍 🙌 More details regarding the features : Multiple Flags You might work with people from multiple countries. Don't worry, FlagTimes support multiple flags! Customizable FlagTimes comes with some settings such as am/pm time, auto-start on login. Trustworthy FlagTimes is based on Apples own clock. So if you trust your computers time, you can trust FlagTimes! Battery safe I hope you will run FlagTimes all the time so I made it super efficient.
@onaliugo @antoineplu Thank you very much @antoineplu for the love! I was in the same situation you where in when I created the app but couldn't find one.. So I created FlagTimes. :)