Remote Starter Kit

The ultimate list of tools and processes for remote teams

Remote Starter Kit is a curated list of tools and processes for remote teams.

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Many teams want to work remotely but don’t always know where to start. Yes, there’s the option to read books and articles on the topic, attend webinars on remote work and even seek advice from other distributed teams. But stumbling upon lots of recommendations around remote work from various sources can lead to information overload. That’s why we created the Remote Starter Kit—to help beginners and more experienced remote workers have all the tools, collaboration processes and tips in one place. This is a curated collection that has been tried and tested by us at Hanno, a digital product design team that’s been fully remote ever since it was founded 5 years ago. The Remote Starter Kit is for all those who asked us for advice on how to start their remote setup and cultivate a remote work culture. Our blog posts were outdated so we made a kit that makes it easier for new remotees to find and filter the essentials. We’ll make sure we regularly update it with tips and tricks that we trust and recommend, and we’d love to get your feedback so we can improve it :)
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Thanks Laila, Zsolt and Hanno for all that you're doing for the remote work community!
@jennyshen Thanks for always being so supportive, Jenny!
Great compilation. I love the colors.
@pmcpinto Thanks Pedro! Took us a while to find a colour scheme we agreed on so I'm glad it's appreciated :D
Very cool, Laila! It's great to see you sharing this knowledge after experiencing first-hand how easy it is to work remotely with the team from Hanno.
@dliviniuk Thank you Darren :) It's something we've been planning to do for a long time and it's great to finally have it out there.
Meh, a list that can go on a blog post with bullet points but in a fancy design.
@erickbarron86 This is just the beginning, we have bigger plans for these resources :)