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What's your favorite office perk?

We have in-office massages. The whole company shows up in the office on those days. What's your favorite perk? What must an office have for you to want to work there?
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@mscccc It certainly doesn't benefit everyone, but it always is a plus when companies offer feminine hygiene products to their female employees. To me, it's a signal that the company is serious. Also, a couch where I can work.
@mscccc a small quiet room. i barely use it but if it's a day when i want one it's night and day difference in work happiness/quality
@mscccc @andreasklinger That's what I want too. :(
@mscccc before I was working at Product Hunt I really enjoyed playing table tennis with my co-workers. Was a great way to speak with people who were not a part of my team. I have to mention that this hurt productivity somewhat though, I easily played 20 games per week at one point.
@mscccc A kindle allowance to buy e-books. It really doesn't cost the company much but it impresses upon people the fact that the company really cares about them becoming a better version of themselves via reading. Almost all of the benefits of it's people reading more accrue to the organisation.
@mscccc @dillisingh +1! Or, in general, a learning allowance that you can use to learn... well, anything. My company does this ($100/mo) and people use it for everything from business-related books to online courses to rock climbing or cooking classes.
@mscccc unlimited LaCroix! Actually, my favorite "perk" is flexible working hours (if it's largely an asynchronous business operation). I would hate to live in a 9 to 5 cubicle environment. The ability to work anywhere and push work to the weekend leads to a much better lifestyle.
@mscccc working from home! Of course done companies, like us, are always WFH but I've seen on-site companies employ it once a week. It's a great freedom to mix up the work day with chores and other tasks that need to be done within a 9-5 day and hard to do from the office. I think this relieves a lot of "admin stress" and bring more happiness and engagement to teammates. Anyone else have experience of this??
The ball pit at the Meerkat office has got to be one of my all-time favorite office perks. Was so comfortable to work from there, with air conditioning and everything. It was perfect. 👌 GOOD IDEA @benrbn
@mscccc I enjoy company outdoor activities like hikes and picnics.
@mscccc I work at Freshworks Inc. One of my most favorite perks is the free food there. This could come off as surprising for companies based in the States, but it's just that not all companies here in India provide free food to employees.
@mscccc Hint Water 💧
@mscccc for me it is our bike parking and locker rooms. We are an active workforce (at a cycling company), so this is a perfect perk for our employees. At previous jobs, I've been the guy in the bathroom stall toweling off before meetings. Having a shower at work is a luxury. Check out our sweet digs - http://blog.perkinswill.com/one-...
@mscccc Apart from challenging work, a subscription to kindle and audible and regular board gaming sessions would be perfect :)
@mscccc It has to be a well equipped gym. We used to have one that I would use before starting the day. I used to reach office early and my day would begin at the office gym! Important to stay fit, and good to fit the fitness routine in the office hours.
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