Product Hunt Daily Digest
January 12th, 2020

The cutest app…ever?

Significant Otter is an Apple Watch app that debuted last week to help couples share their moods with one another. According to the Maker, the idea came from wanting use the Apple Watch for something other than fitness.

“We started by wondering how one could use the Apple Watch beyond fitness tracking, and to support social connection. We created this simple app for couples to be in touch "from the heart," watch to watch. The app generates a cute animation representing what it infers you're doing/feeling. You can then can tap to send to one (and only one) person." - Andresmh

The app uses the biosignal sensors that are built into Apple Watches to communicate (these are the same sensors used to monitor your heart rate from the Health app). There’s no texting, calling or messaging involved — you feel and see what your partner (or friend! or mom!) is feeling through adorable otter animations. It will let you know when “you’re feeling excited from a surprise, motivated from the gym, or upset from work,” and communicate that emotion via animation to your partner.

“My partner and I have been in the beta for the last few months. We love how easy it is to feel connected and together, even when we're both busy or in meetings! It doesn't hurt that animations are also adorable.” - Justin

Over the past three months, we’ve seen over 20 creative Apple Watch apps launch on Product Hunt. A sampling:

❄️ Slopes is a nifty ski tracking experience

🙏 Aura is a personal mood tracker

🙌 Kegel Coach is a kegel exercise app

🐶 TameWatch make you watch your health through a virtual pet

☀️ Sundial App gives you sun and moon alerts via Apple Watch

🌧 Snowflake Weather is a super detailed weather app

💦 Thirstic is an app that tracks how much water you drink

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Your Significant Otter

🏠This new little tool will level up your Airbnb experiences with advanced search options. Now you can hunt for search for things like: 

  • Check-in and check-out time 
  • Cancellation policies 
  • Minimum night stays 
  • Long-term stays 
  • Weekly or monthly discounts 
  • Self check-in availability