The best ski tracking experience on iPhone and Apple Watch

Slopes gives you the best ski tracking experience on iPhone and Apple Watch. Named in Apple's "Our Favorites for Apple Watch" list and being awarded "App of the Day" two seasons in a row.
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3 Reviews5.0/5
Hey, creator of Slopes here! Just kicked off the season with a brand new release focused on friends. But it was important to me to avoid becoming just another social network. There's no usernames, public profiles, activity feeds, likes, comments, or other engagement hacks. I thought it was really important to try to build social into an app without it fueling any kind of digital addiction, but rather just be there to augment the experience to make it mirror riding with your friends IRL a bit better. Here to answer any questions you have!
Love this app. I used it last season and it’s great to look back on the memories. Also has a great free tier if you just want to take it for a spin.
I live in Florida, so not that much use for me but as iOS Developer it has been amazing reading his journey and how he has built a business as a one man band and inspiring a lot of individuals in the iOS community. So great to see this on Product Hunt! All my people up north this is a must.
Best snowboard/ski tracker for iPhone/Apple Watch. Period.
Snow fever got me! Counting down to Christmas, like. Let's see if there's #lifeafterwork around here and people do get outside in real life. Or at least you dream about it :D. Why I love this app: - reminds me there's a light at the end of the (Nov / Dec) tunnel :o - I've started using it last season while in Verbier and didn't disappoint - can't wait to be back on top of the world again - it's indie - and they do care about privacy, users, customers support - my respects!