Significant Otter

Tap your Apple Watch to share your mood with your partner πŸ’‘

Simple app that reads your ❀ heart rate to generate a cute otter representing you. Tap to send your otter to your significant other. It's like a friendship bracelet meets a mood ring on your Apple Watch.
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Adorbz. Any plans to build an iPhone (non-Apple Watch) version of this, @andresmh?
@rrhoover thanks for the question! It's actually an iPhone app because Apple does not have watch-only apps yet. The iPhone-only experience works, but it's really optimized for the watch experience.
@andresmh ahh of course. Thanks for the reply.
@rrhoover @andresmh actually you can create independent watch apps since watchOS 6:
We started by wondering how one could use the Apple Watch beyond fitness tracking, and to support social connection. We created this simple app for couples to be in touch "from the heart," watch to watch. The app generates a cute animation representing what it infers you're doing/feeling. You can then can tap to send to one (and only one) person. It's still experimental, but would be great to hear what you think! It's available only in the US for now.
@andresmh The original THREE ways to use Apple Watch. 1. Precise time keeping 2. An intimate NEW way to connect 3. Comprehensive Health and fitness tracker. Apple Watch was always desired for "From the Heart" people just stopped focusing on that side of it. Thank you for brining it back to some many who may have forgotten about why we use tech in the first place, love.
Nice idea and cool app (probably), can't try it though. Why do you restrict access to US only?
@vladzima exactly what I was wondering :/ what's the point of region locking this?
@vladzima @anna_0x The app uses Apple Health data (e.g., heart rate) to generate the animation on the device (not on the cloud). Still, the rules on how to deal with that type of data in different geographies seemed complex enough to lead us to keep it US-only for now. Thanks for the interest, though! We'll consider opening it more as we continue to experiment.πŸ™
@anna_0x @andresmh Thanks for the explanation! You can open it to Russian store, I can assure you nobody will care about a heart rate data ;)
@vladzima @andresmh well, if Apple Health itself is available on every country, then I see no reason why your app cannot πŸ˜‰ You said yourself that the user's heart rate does not leave the device anyway. The service is provided by Apple, and not by you. So it seems like you're overthinking this.
My partner and I have been in the beta for the last few months. We love how easy it is to feel connected and together, even when we're both busy or in meetings! It doesn't hurt that animations are also adorable. 😍
F*cking cute