Kegel Coach

A kegel exercise app for Apple Watch

An independent Watch OS app, Kegel Coach brings you the best on-the- go Kegel experience on your watch. The beautiful app is packed with features to help you do and track Kegel exercises anywhere, anytime without taking out your phone.
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Will there be a mode where you can compete with your friends? πŸ˜‚ What about community leaderboards πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ How is this comment section not waaaay funnier?! Lmao All jokes aside, if I had an Apple Watch, I would totally download and use this.
@donji_yd Interesting proposition. πŸ€” Why stop at a leaderboard, Kegel should be a competitive sport. Let me know when you get an Apple Watch, will share a code for the app.
One of the biggest announcements during this WWDC was the app store coming to Watch OS. Developers can now make apps for Apple Watch without the dependency on an iPhone app. This opens up a lot of new possibilities. Watch first apps are going to revolutionise the Apple Watch and Kegel Coach hopefully turns out to be one of them. Kegel is an on-the-go exercise and you definitely don't need to take out your phone for the same. Easy and excellent way to get started with Kegel. Do multiple types of exercises, track your daily and overall progress. The app puts a coach on your wrist. Would love to share codes for people who want to try. Just DM :)
Is there a companion app or dashboard to view progress or history on the iPhone? This looks really good.
@mbapplex Hello, glad you find the app promising. Every feature has been built very thoughtfully as well. The app was made with the intention of being an independent Watch OS app. So no, there is no external dashboard. The current focus is to make the Watch experience even more powerful with features like - Custom Workouts, Gamification etc.
Was a part of the beta testing and absolutely love the features and design. Really thoughtfully made, I don't need to use my phone at all. Kudos!
@diksha_gautam1 Hey, thank you for your kind comments and early feedback. Really helped a lot. Hope you will like the new features being built as well.
Would really love to hear the feedback from the community in terms of what features would they like to see? Really want to make this the most helpful Kegel App out there.
Custom Workouts - Duration And Reps
Achievements and Badges
More Workouts
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