Product Hunt Daily Digest
November 21st, 2019

NEW: Tesla's electric truck

What happened this week on Product Hunt!? Here’s a look at the week’s big/small/weird/creative/futuristic product launches. 👇

Electric Vehicles 🚘 

Tesla just revealed their futuristic “cybertruck,” a new ($39,000) electric pickup truck designed to look like a sports car. While debuting the truck onstage, Elon Musk asked Tesla’s lead designer, Franz von Holzhausen, to showcase the truck’s “Armor Glass” by throwing a metal ball at the driver window. It...cracked. Musk asked Holzhausen to throw the ball at the passenger window. That cracked too. Elon then proceeded with his presentation in front of a truck with two broken windows. ‘Twas a Silicon Valley gift.

The Weird and Wacky 😜

The crypto sock market is a thing. Unisocks ($SOCKS) are tokens that get you one (real) pair of limited edition socks. Each purchase and sale will move the price.

“Ethereum, but make it fashion!” - Deana

MSCHF, the creative team behind Bull & Moon and  Netflix Hangouts, had an unexpected drop this week — you can text a selfie to their hotline and they’ll have it professionally edited live on camera. They’re calling it ““

Self-Care 🙌

Tiny Spells is a daily email that comes with three actionable tasks that help you look after you.

“What a clever idea! I've been a long-time gratitude journal user (and founder) and I think there's something interesting about starting your day off with ideas to make it better. Journaling has helped me do more of this but I like the idea of having specific intentions each day.” - Matt

Moodboost is like Cards Against Humanity but for Snapchat. How it works: Post questions on your Snap Story and have friends reply to make you laugh. BTW, the app detects if you smile.

Big Launches 👀

Warby Parker launched Scout, the company’s first-ever daily contact lens.

“Hoping Scout delivers the polished experience Warby is known for.” - Mary

Synthetic Media company Rosebud AI launched a database of over 25,000 AI-generated stock photos. Rest assured, there are no real people in the database.

“We focused on bringing forth a way to diversify stock photo content since it was a need we heard voiced by stock photo users.” - Rosebud AI founder Lisha Li

Predictions 🔮

Dating apps will invest more in video.

This week, dating app The League launched "live” video dates, a feature where they pair users for two-minute live video chats. The idea is to cut back on bad first meetings in the age of internet dating.

Facebook Dating also touches on this, allowing folks to view each other’s Stories before meeting.

Some other stuff from this week...

A podcast on the future of podcasting (meta). An article from a former Olympian turned tech founder. And a discussion about experimenting on your own body.

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Tesla Cybertruck

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