Facebook Dating

Find love through the things you like

Facebook Dating makes it easier to find love through what you like — Start meaningful relationships through things you have in common, like interests, events & groups. Get a more authentic look at who someone is.
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Amrith Shanbhag
Community at Opal 💎 Board of Gen-Z 🐝
What could possibly go wrong? 🙃
Chris Messina
#1 Product Hunter! 🏆 ko-fi.com/chris
@amrith why is @nsharp17 listed as the maker? Or is his bio not accurate?
Tanner Christensen
Head of Design at Gem.com
@chrismessina Nathan's bio appears to be outdated. Context: I was at Facebook on the team while they were building this out.
Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
Many mock Facebook for expanding into dating, but I think this is really smart. It might not appeal to a younger audience that's familiar with Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, and other dating apps, I can see this doing very well for a the boomer generation to compete with eharmony. Let's take a poll! Will Facebook Dating be successful?
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Yash Kothariengineer with vision
@rrhoover You have a good point. However if mature adults is the target segment for Facebook, it seems odd to me that they've used young adults in their marketing materials.
~spencer~follow for content 👍
@rrhoover @yashkothari23 It might not be all that odd though, advertising has often relied on showcasing "the life you WANT to live" as a way to sell stuff. Facebook did, after all, start off being "the platform for college kids" but is now filled with parents & older adults wanting to join in & be at the cool place. Besides, all the other dating sites like match.com, eharmony, etc., already show older people in their ads. It might not work out / be successful, but I think Facebook figured this is the best way to stand out & seem like their different / new / better.
Rikhi KumarMarketer, SEO, Lead Gen. Specialist
@rrhoover Most of the people who are actual targets have left FB long ago. I don't see any point here apart from compromising with privacy.
@rrhoover Lets take it for what it is: I'm not a big Fan of Facebook. Data privacy is a big problem with FB but beside that this is a really good and smart move from Facebook and also a good way for people. The swipe right/left thing is good if you see human beings a catalog products but its very bad for finding long term happiness... So Facebook comes in - yes late to what seems a big party but FB is the smart kid that knows how to play the long game... Facebook will get success stories out of this regardless if people think it works or not and it will help some to have hope on their secret crush - something no other dating app can.
tinder for 60+ years old
Wilson TovarEstudiante, Universidad del Norte
its colombia not columbia !!!
Working on things
Damn facebook seriously wants to dominate the internet. First their tiktok knockoff (lasso) now this--whatever happened to being original :/
Kevin ReeversSoftware Developer
@sakunacharige when has anything on the internet been original?
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