Tesla Cybertruck

A futuristic electric pickup truck from Tesla ⚡️

#4 Product of the MonthNovember 2019
Cybertruck is designed to have the utility of a truck and the performance of a sports car. The vehicle is built to be durable, versatile and capable, with exceptional performance both on-road and off-road.
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It feels like Tesla is the Apple of the car industry. Right now it feels strange and unfamiliar, then suddenly other manufacturers will start to move towards a similar aesthetic and it will be the norm.
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@manny_orduna Absolutely. Apple's AirPods are a great example: Everyone bashed the toothbrush-like design of the AirPods after being unveiled in 2016, yet now they've become indispensable for half of the population. "You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." -R. Buckminister Fuller I find it interesting, however, that this is the first vehicle for Musk and his team to gather the chutzpah and take such a massive design gamble. Why are we just now seeing this bold design approach compared to the Model 3 and Roadster, which both look like normal cars?
@manny_orduna @allanrevah He wasn't saying that they have the same design ethos as Apple, but the same higher-order approach. They _make_ change happen, they drag the world forward a bit. (Though it's been an awfully long time since Apple really did that… the AirPods being the closest example in, what, a decade? And it's a pretty small dent…)
@manny_orduna @cozysd Apple was always moving the world forward with better designed systems. They only got noticed once they solved a problem everyone had: simplified music with the iPod. This car is cool but I feel that the design is a nostalgic take on what we thought the future would be in the 80’s (back to the future) and less about and moving organically designed products forward. I think of it as catwalk fashion only models would wear and not your everyday clothes. Apple managed to create something in between
@manny_orduna Agreed. People are not yet used to "simplicity" in car design. The cybertruck is a masterpiece of design and efficiency: - Its exoskeleton and angular shapes make the car cheaper to produce, allow the use of cold steel which is hard to bend/mould - Cold steel is more solid, low maintenance, does not require any painting and just come in one colour. Tesla can leverage all the cold steel R&D from SpaceX and even lower the production cost at scale - The bed is covered, removing the aerodynamics inefficiency of trucks In the end, the car is cheaper while vastly superior to most trucks.
@matthew_s1 I would assume, with regards to the new bolde design now and not earlier is that they needed a strong brand to be able to do so. I guess a combination of something this daring and an EV back then would have deterred so many people from taking the leap. However now, they have a proven track record, especially going against all odds, so what would have been a huge "leap" for this purchase became more of a "jump"
This is giving me Halo Warthog vibes
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@rrhoover Someone needs to make this YouTube video the second they get the truck.
@rrhoover I'm a teen again with my friends 4 way split screen on Blood Gulch. #goodtimes
The balls it takes as a public company to be this innovative and take this large of a risk on design is unbelievable. Personally, it really grew on me throughout the live presentation.
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@russellreeder only admiration tbh you've said it.
@russellreeder Well when you take 4.9 billion from the government in subsidies you can takes risks. It's always easier to risk other peoples money... lol
I love how all the companies just present crazy futuristic designs as concept cars that are made only for expos, but Tesla went with it all the way and they're making this a production car!
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Either you love it or you hate it. Is nice to see the car sector pushing boundaries
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