Beautiful analytics on your Spotify listening habits 🎧

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This is pretty cool, love seeing cool stats after using a product like Spotify every day :) Apparently, I'm an energetic eclectic, what about you? P.S. That design 🔥 dem gradients 🌋
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@vytasbu "YOU ARE HIGH ENERGY! We can’t seem to find any chill music in your recent streaming history. What’s it like living life at a 10?"
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@vytasbu @pym "You’re all over the place. In the good way."
@adam_kelly apparently we're all the same after all. 🤔🤔🤔
@adam_kelly @chrismessina some ML algorithm learned to classify everyone as "energetic eclectic" because it made the viewer feel good about themselves? 😄
@vytasbu @pym This was me also.
Hello, Product Hunt! I'm Matt, a Creative Developer at GLOW, and I worked on the design & front-end of for our client Spotify for Brands. To give some background on the project (and as some of you have already guessed ✅), our goal for the site is to showcase Spotify’s advertising platform, specifically how Spotify is able to understand people from how they stream. By logging in with your Spotify ID, you are able to get an idea of what your streaming says about you. We built this with the Spotify for Brands team and used their existing public API with some of their proprietary research to lift the fun and exciting insights that you see here. will officially launch globally in 8 languages this coming Monday.
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@mtwt2c This is a bit odd – 5.5:00 PM? And the graph is between 12am-4am only? Assuming it's a bug?
Neat idea, but a bit concerned. I've been using Spotify for at least 7 years and my lifetime top song / artist are from the same artist – which I've never heard of or listened to. Makes me question the data a bit...
@chopeh same here! I have a feeling it's only the last few months of listening or something like that, @mtwt2c could you confirm?
@mtwt2c @7thbeat I actually checked on; I've never listened to the artist that was supposedly my top of all time...
Really fun and nice design! I'm high energy and eclectic 😄
nice UI to showcase what data can Spotify leverage to target its userbase? marketing stunt for b2b?
@marcbc Looks like a Spotify for brands showcase from the 'Contact Us' section description and logo
@iamsebj yep, they're explaining to brands how they are segmenting users based on their listening habits here . What I meant is that it's interesting (smart) how Spotify seems to be releasing something for its users in this page (and gets them engaged checking, discussing and sharing about their streaming habits), while it's actually releasing a product for brands.