Mental Health Boot Camp

30 days of wellness activities on a responsive gamified site

Mental Health Boot Camp is an online wellness platform for people of all ages. Created by a top-notch team of mental health experts, the Boot Camp’s rigorous and varied curriculum is hand-crafted to boost your awareness, self-control, and well-being.

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About blurb taken from the website: "Think about it. Your mental health plays a role in EVERY area of your life: relationships, work, physical health, and spirituality. Isn’t it time you made it a priority? Join us for a brief, challenging mental wellness program with proven methods and built-in motivation! "


User-friendly, beneficial, gamification elements ensure commitment


Requires some time commitment

Pretty interesting approach to taking care of mental health. How far have you progressed on this @sergey_bukharov? Have you felt anything different so far?
Wait, so I pay you to participate in a psych study? I’m not sure I get it. It’s $40 to join. You only get 5 days of delay and data on results at the end are calculated and accessible for only 30 days. What do the Psychiatric professionals behind the course receive? Will they be publishing any studies or research they obtain through the usage of this platform? I see the passing charity of $5 to mental wellness but if failing to grasp the necessity of not being able to start from the beggining after paying $40 for the course. I always could start from level 1.1 in Mario 64. Could you elaborate on why you remove access even if a purchaser can’t complete beyond the 5 day extension if they’re 5 of the same types of excercises?