Product Hunt Daily Digest
August 18th, 2019

PREVIEW: Y Combinator Demo Day

Today (and tomorrow) investors and press will descend upon Pier 48 in San Francisco, where founders in Y Combinator’s Summer 2019 batch will present their startups. The bi-annual pitch day is well-known for providing a pulse on the current state of emerging tech. For those not attending Demo Day, we’ve put together a preview of 10 YC-backed companies that recently launched on Product Hunt.

🏠 Rent the Backyard (San Francisco, CA) builds a studio apartment in your backyard

This is going to help provide quality rental property in areas that really need it! It will also help keep folks in their homes by monetizing the asset.“ - Ivan

💯 Actiondesk (Paris, France) lets you build powerful automations with spreadsheets

“As an investor and entrepreneur, I've seen dozens of companies constantly doing the same manual processes to use data to run their operations. Extracting it, combining it, crunching it. Actiondesk can automate that and as such is addressing a strong need in the market.“ - Gabriel

🖥 Tandem (San Francisco, CA) is a virtual office for distributed teams

“With remote work on the rise, there's a growing need for more flexible, spontaneous, real-time communication. Tandem has put a lot of time into delivering a beautiful app that makes it dead-simple to talk with your team.“ - Gustaf

📊 Narrator (New York, NY) provides a full-service data team for startups of any size

“This could save so much time for startups, allowing them to focus on expanding the product.” - Aaron

💬 Dex (San Francisco, CA) is a personal CRM that reminds you to keep in touch with people

“Dex is really dope! Reminds me to keep up with people I care about even with my hectic schedule. Would recommend to anyone in a similar position (probably all of us, tbh)” - Robert

💸 GreenTiger (Sunnyvale, CA) lets you trade U.S. stocks from India with zero commission

“It's impressive that you guys figured out the regulatory hurdles. My mom's a financial advisor and she's ecstatic about this! Can confirm its the new talk around the Valley.” - Tanay

🌏 Wren (San Jose, CA) calculates your carbon footprint to fund rainforest-saving projects

“My carbon footprint is pretty low. I don’t own a car, I bike to work and live in an apartment with no air conditioning. However, I like to travel abroad. Project Wren gives me a verified way to offset my flights. It’s great that they allow you to direct your money to specific projects.” - Ryan

⛽️ MyPetrolPump (Bangalore, India) lets you order fuel directly from your phone

“We've been a customer for over 2 years now and they've played a big role is solving our fleet fueling needs.” - Jitesh

👋 Waves (Sunnyvale, CA) is a dating app for sexual fantasies

“It basically works like this: If you're into ropes, you put that in Waves, and all your potential matches are also people who are into ropes.” - Emerson

🙌 Carry (San Francisco, CA) is an executive assistant for travel on Slack

“Having an on-demand personal assistant for travel is a game-changer for both individuals and teams who fly a lot.” - Gustaf

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