A spreadsheet natively connected with apps & data sources

Actiondesk is a spreadsheet just like Google Sheets or Excel. But it has superpowers:
- Import data from any data source
- Your data is automatically refreshed at the frequency you choose
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Spreadsheets! Actiondesk is solving a common problem people continue to have, in every company. They've built what I would call a "connected spreadsheet" that let's you automate manual tasks. Actiondesk simplifies repetitive tasks using the one tool you already know how to use, a spreadsheet. I'm looking forward to watching them grow and seeing all the different ways people come up with to use Actiondesk.
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Edit 21st of January 2020: Just to say that the description below is not the best description of what Actiondesk is anymore. Actiondesk is now a full fledged spreadsheet software, connected to your apps and data sources. You can import data in your spreadsheet, build things on top of the imported data and having that data refreshed automatically. _______ Thanks so much @hnshah for hunting us! 🙏 Hello Product Hunt! We are absolutely thrilled and a bit anxious to be here. 😳 We have built Actiondesk to let anyone build powerful automations using only their spreadsheet skills I'm initially a non-technical person, huge Excel / Sheets and Zapier user. As I was managing an e-commerce company, I saw a few things: - The flexibility that spreadsheets give you to manipulate and transform your data is unrivaled - As we live in a world where data is siloed, the ability of Zapier to interact easily with all your business apps is a must have. I wished I had a tool that would mix the flexibility of Excel and the ease of interacting with data sources and apps of Zapier As I learned to code and started to understand how APIs work, I thought to myself "It shouldn't be THAT hard to build a tool like that". As you can guess, I was totally wrong, but it gave me the courage to start working on Actiondesk. I found awesome teammates, and what we've got today is the result of the past 12 months of building & beta testing our product. 🚀 We really think Actiondesk is quite different from anything that exists on the market: - It relies on a spreadsheet interface to manipulate, transform and create logic on your data. What you see is what you get. No automation / data integration tools have that. - It enables the user to automatically import and push data with the most popular data sources and applications (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Salesforce, Hubspot, Typeform, Pipedrive, Slack, Gmail, etc). No spreadsheet software has that. If you're wondering, here are a few use cases Actiondesk enables: - Send automatically an email to your clients or vendors every week with their KPIs - Automate the generation of data reports. Forget the process of always manually exporting data to csv and manipulate that data in Excel to generate a report - Feed sales or payment computed data from your database, stripe or other to your CRM. And if you want to try it out: a few steps to reach the aha moment with Actiondesk: 1. Create an account on 2. Check out the intro video, that will help you understand how building a workflow works in Actiondesk 3. Connect one or several data sources (a database, google sheets, Hubspot, salesforce, etc) and at least one destination (Slack or Gmail are easy to setup to start with). 4. Create and run your first workflow. Reach out through the chat if you're struggling, we're here to help. Would love your feedback, especially if you’ve got critiques, that's how we learn! 😊 From Paris with love ❤️ PS: As our product is still young, we've hesitated a lot between giving access to only a few selected people and implement a waiting list system but eventually decided against it. As users, we don't like not being able to try out a product immediately. So this is an open beta, you just have to go on the website, fill out a 1min form and you can try Actiondesk 🙈
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@joparisot Massive congrats on the launch! 🚀
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@anthilemoon Thanks Anne-Laure ❤️

As an investor and entrepreneur, I've seen dozens of companies constantly doing the same manual processes to use data to run their operations. Extracting it, combining it, crunching it. Actiondesk can automate that and as such is addressing a strong need in the market! Looking forward to hearing more feedback from their users.


Addresses a real problem


Number of integrations

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At first, Actiondesk's interface is a bit confusing. once you understand how it works, the power it gives you to manipulate your data, and set automations is unrivaled.


Huge time saver.


Take a few minutes to understand how things work

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Love it. embrace it. use it. It feels good. No doubts.
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