Carry is an executive assistant for travel over Slack. The service plans, books, and expenses trips so that you can focus on what you're good at. You get the points and Carry remembers your preferences.
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Carry takes all of the work of booking travel out of your hands--all you have to do is message them where you need to be and they’ll take care of the rest. Having an on-demand personal assistant for travel is a gamechanger for both individuals and teams who fly a lot. I travel often and having Carry would’ve saved me 30+ hours in booking time over the past year. We have this installed in YC’s internal Slack and we’re super excited to start using them.
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@gustaf looks like this offered as a benefit to employees as well a self-service tool that employees seek and use/install on their own. Was this previously offered only for teams? If so, what motivated Carry to launch a self-service tool for only Slack (i.e. why not in other personal messaging channels)?
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@chrismessina You're exactly right! The majority of our customers in the past have been companies that use us to manage their travel for all employees. We wanted to open it up to individuals who might find it useful for work travel, and it's now available on Slack, SMS, and email! We focus on Slack because we've found that our users on Slack get the most value out of Carry, but some users prefer to talk to Carry on SMS instead! What platform would you like to see us on? :)
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Hi ProductHunt! We've been impressed with the response here. Y'all must love travel. If you use Slack at work and want to get started using Carry, we've created a temporary link while we're on the front page to go ahead and install Carry. Here's the flow: - Go to - Select your team's workspace in the top right - For "Post to", select "Slackbot" or anything (this step is annoying, sorry-- we'll fix) - Click "Install" (You may have to ask an administrator depending on your settings) - Send a _direct message_ to @Carry on Slack saying anything If your team uses another platform or wants to get in touch, schedule a demo (under the request access button, or email tejas [at] carry [dot] travel, and we'll be in touch.
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Not having to manually hunt for the best rates is a huge time saver especially for last minute business flights


Not all of us have office managers or business admins to help us with travel logistics. Carry fills that gap with a seamless experience


Would love to get access on more channels so I can use it more

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Really psyched to see Carry out in the wild!
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I used Carry to book an international trip and it was great! They're very responsive and pay attention to the details.
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