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#4 Product of the DayMarch 25, 2019
Available in the US and Canada, Apple News+ presents the best and most relevant articles to meet any range of interests from renowned publications such as Vogue, National Geographic Magazine, People, ELLE, The Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times.
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As witnessed, the ad cow has no more milk (nor meat) and companies are moving towards charging the user instead. Since ads were broken because they cannot buy people’s attention anymore, this may potentially be the best time since the creation of the internet for the user to decide what they want as a model. I’m not sure subscriptions — specially for news — is that answer. What’s really new and how does it benefit the user in both material and otherwise ways? How do you teach two entire generations, who have been born into “free-news-duck-and-dodge-the-ads”, to now pay for it? Not seeing it at the moment I’m afraid..
@lyondhur Netflix and Spotify have been doing a great job of "teaching" us that subscriptions are okay for a product that massively increases the quality of your life. I used to torrent all my music/movies/shows, but now with these services, torrenting is a thing of the past. I think this direction is one that will continue to grow. However, as you said, it's definitely a time for the user to choose. Not everyone likes a flat-fee all-you-can consume model. I think this is a good opportunity for a micropayment-based pay-as-you-go model to come in and shake things up. If I listen to 10 songs a month, I shouldn't have to pay $9.99/month for unlimited music streaming.
Another example of a shift toward subscription-based consumption. A few startups in this space: Substack, for paid newsletters Breaker Upstream for paid podcasts Headspace, Calm, Oak, Simple Habit, for guided meditation Curious to hear everyone's thoughts on Apple News+. Will you subscribe?
I don't understand the financials here. So $8000 is the yearly cost of all of the subscriptions available but able is charging $10/month. So are the publications getting an upfront payment or is Apple subsidizing everyone?
they will most likely pay out publishers on a revenue share of that $10 based on consumption. i.e. if i only read two magazines they would each get $5 - apple's cut (somewhere between 30-50%).
Nothing that only the 1℅ can get, next.... A wallet garden is still just like communism.
Will news+ run on older iOS versions? still have an old iPad on 9 and I know plenty of other people with older devices who'd like a little more life in the product yet
@mcmarsh I think it requires the iOS 12.2 update which enables it in the Apple News app (but I might be wrong)
@iamsebj Yes was taking it that Apple would probably do their normal "only on the latest iOS version" thing - but looking for clarification :)