We’re bringing people out of their tech and into their lives. We’re reimagining how we interact with the physical and digital world—never compromising one for the other. And it starts with the technology we put into the palm of our hand.

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Wow, this IS really small:
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@rrhoover Do you think it's even smaller in Stephen Curry's hands? I just noticed he partnered on this product. 🤔🏀
@rrhoover @syswarren Yep! Stephen has been an amazing investor and has been very involved- working with us from the beginning. If you are wondering how it looks in his hand, this is his hand: https://twitter.com/DavidSven/st...

I just returned my Palm to the Verizon store yesterday. In short, you can reduce screen time on your phone in more effective and less expensive ways than paying $350 + $10/month to Verizon. I loved the tiny size and the design, but the battery life was really poor, and keeping up with two phones wasn't my favorite.




Terrible battery life, price

Can it work standalone or do you need a companion smart phone?
@joshuapinter Palm is a companion device that costs $10/month- similar to Apple Watch LTE. However, you don't need a phone around to use your Palm. I use my Palm about 80% of the day. Desk: laptop Couch: Big phone On-the-go: Palm The more I detox, the easier it is to leave my big phone behind.
@davidsven I have actually been looking for a smaller but functional device like this one for ages, to you use as a secondary phone when I’m out with friends or when I wanna go somewhere quickly and don’t intend to use any of the functions of my big phone (e.g. super market or some other errand). I was so excited to see the headlines about the Palm phone a couple weeks ago and then so very disappointed to discover that it is US only and that it is not a stand-alone device. Kindly consider releasing a global unlocked version of this phone. I have three SIM cards.Two for work and a personal one. I currently use a dump phone for my personal SIM card. I would love to switch to the Palm phone because as it is right now I cannot take my personal phone with me while leaving my work phone at home because I’d been missing out on all of its useful functions.
@anna_0x We have since launched in Europe with a standalone device. More markets coming soon!
@davidsven you have?? That’s great news but where do we buy it? Your website doesn’t mention anything...
It's tiny 🧐😅. Best phone for kids and barbie size hands 👍. Love it!
@oiv I've got 4 little boys. They love using "dad's baby phone".
How much it cost, and can I pre-order it now?
@babken_karapetyan Available in the U.S. through Verizon. You can find more details at palm.com Will be in Europe through Vodaphone next month!
@babken_karapetyan Looks like you can buy exclusively from Verizon: https://www.verizonwireless.com/...
@babken_karapetyan @davidsven Only through Vodaphone? ahhh ... that's a shame.