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The new home for the world’s most creative storytellers

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Apple’s Original Video Subscription Service in the All-New Apple TV App will Give Users Access to Exclusive Original Shows, Movies and Documentaries
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Luscious Lushies
Luscious Lushies@lusciouslushies ·
Oprah. Release it now!
carlos garcia
carlos garcia@androidlove · Co-Founder, Internet Missionaries
Apple trying to survive, problem is they have no iOS lock in to help them. Better options from competitors.
Kamil Rzeźnicki
Kamil Rzeźnicki@kamil_rzeznicki · CTO at AIM
@androidlove How can you know it? There is almost no info yet. But haters gonna hate anyway...
Jason Gurwin
Jason Gurwin@jasongurwin · GM Mobile, Ebates
This seems less of a "Netflix-killer" and more of a "HBO-killer." With WarnerMedia trying to turn HBO into Netflix, focused on broad array of content instead of the very best -- Apple may have the chance to control "high-quality content." HBO was always know as the place where artists wanted to make their content, can Apple now be that place? They've already been accused of being too hands on with the content, so I doubt they will actually be able to pull it off. That being said, even if they become HBO, this doesn't seem to be a big enough (or differentiated enough) business to be worth building IMHO.