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I love that one of the features they highlight is "Play the classic Snake"!
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@louthinker there are a bunch of Snake reboots for iPhone and Android. This might be the best of them.
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@rrhoover knew about that one, it's great! But nothing can beat playing the game on an old Nokia phone.
@louthinker That tactile feedback. 👌
@louthinker @rrhoover Its a major feature. I would not be surprised if Snake on the Nokia was one of the most played mobile if not potentially most played video game ever made.
@organicthirty @louthinker actually, I believe Solitaire on Windows is the most played game ever 😛
Go home Nokia, you're drunk. "But it has Snake" In all seriousness this (I assume) is for people looking for something v cheap, perhaps a first phone, going travelling would be good because of the month long battery life!
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@bentossell Without even 3G? This phone is pretty much useless or I'm missing a set of demographics that will use this.
@saifalfalah @bentossell Yeh. Quite a big demographic too, half of the world. Many developing countries don't have 3g.
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@saifalfalah People who just want to make phone calls. People for whom a smartphone is too fancy and does more than they'd ever want. I know tons of people like this. They'd rather save money than spend it on something they're not going to use.
@saifalfalah @bentossell Many many people, especially in third and second world countries. Even some in first world countries who want basically a call-only phone (or even a backup no-data phone in a bugout bag)
As a person who is hyperindexed and inundated with apps, social media, news, Netflix...I welcome such phones like this and the Light Phone (https://www.producthunt.com/post...). The thing is I use Messenger and Whatsapp as my main communication portals now. Not to mention that I want at least some minimal 4G or LTE powers, just in case I need internet on the road. So these dumb phones are useless, especially since very few people actually call me on the phone or use SMS. I'd gladly pay for a hardy (non-Android) phone that reliably uses a bare set of communication apps. Was hoping this Nokia could do that, alas... Here's a product idea, give me a tiny screen, tons of battery life, and a mild browser, and a handful of really needed apps. I'd easily pay $200 for it.
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@minhistry Not sure how you can call this off as a dumb phone on the first day. Just because you don't receive calls anymore doesn't mean the rest of the world doesn't receive calls. There are 7 billion people in the world. Where Nokia fails to impress you, they may do wonders in emerging markets. Most people in those countries are on 2g connections and want something super basic.
@minhistry I agree! The perfect phone will be a BB Bold (for the keyboard) with whatsapp / messenger / mail and 4G/LTE for tethering.
@matthewboyle25 im not calling it a dumb phone per se. That's just the nomenclature for these types of phones. I didn't come up with that. It was created in contrast to smartphpne. Another term would be candy bar, i think. Having lived in a developing country for over 8 years, I'm well aware of those concerns, but I press you to note that those same countries are the ones that are moving faster into data than any other set of countries in the world.
@minhistry This could have been the niche for Microsoft Lumia. I got a non tech savy relative of mine a Lumia 640 for 50€ (refurbished), battery lasts a week with low usage. She uses it mostly for Whats App. Smaller screen, bigger battery and they could have become what you wish for.
@minhistry Bingo for me as well.
What we need is phone that helps to reduce our addiction to the internet. Nokia 3310 with original shape and shell + Screen replaced with E-ink display (increases battery life by 200%) + 3G connectivity for pristine audio quality for calls + Whatsapp phone calls and messages with no notifications / disturbances + Big battery and usb charging - No camera needed, no fancy box and manuals, cables Most importantly made to last, all components and design with this in mind. Making it in Europe, Asia just doesn't wake up rugged / ever lasting quality in consumers.
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Price: €49 (~$52) OS: Nokia Series 30+ Display: 2.4” QVGA Battery: - 1200 mAh - Up to 22.1 hours talk time - Up to 31 days standby time - Up to 51 hours MP3 playback time - Up to 39 hours FM radio playback time Colors: - Warm Red (Glossy) - Dark Blue (Matte) - Yellow (Glossy) - Grey (Matte) Storage: - 16 MB internal memory - MicroSD card slot with support for up to 32 GB card Camera: 2 MP Network speed: 2G Networks: GSM 900/1800 MHz Audio: - 3.5 mm AV connector - FM radio app - MP3 player app Connectivity: - Micro USB (USB 2.0) - Bluetooth 3.0 with SLAM
@ptrkcsk Too bad it's only 2G.
@shod4n given it's not a smart phone, what do you care?
@ptrkcsk Thanks for posting the specs. I was really curious about them. After seeing this, I cant stress more that this phone is a total flop and waste of Nokia's energy, time and resources. It is a good marketing stunt to get the name out again but put aside the out dated design of the phone, they really needed to provide some crazy performance advantage in order to really succeed. I am talking very long lasting battery for talk... Great amount of storage internally. New interface that could possibly connect to the Android store or Apple store for apps. And obviously 4G LTE compatibility is a big one... Last but not least, a low price point. But unfortunately it doesn't seem to be that way...