Magic Spoon

Protein-rich healthy cereal that tastes too good to be true

Healthy cereal that tastes too good to be true, with 12g of complete protein in every bowl.
Tastes like nostalgia.
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Bumped into this on Twitter, within a week four different friends sent it me. I loved cereal as a kid, haven't been able to find anything healthy enough, been eating Magic Spoon every morning now. Nostalgia sells. It's rare to find a product that reminds me of summer camp, but Magic Spoon does. I've finished the chocolate & frosted flavors so far, both are great. 😋
That beautiful branding is expensive at $39.00/box! What's the most you would pay for a box of Magic Spoon?
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@rrhoover It's $40 for 4 boxes. Still expensive at $10 a box though...
@john_vonroth ohhh! Their pricing page didn't make that clear at first glance. Thanks for catching.
Looks interesting but I am curious why it is so expensive...
Need to see the full nutritional values though. These new brands tend to highlight some nutritional values and hide others.
@tostartafire they are listed on the product pages:
@_jacksmith thanks! I am still trying to find that page.
This Product is So Nostalgic ! Great Imagery and Packaging Design @lewisgabi