The New iPod Touch

Apple's newest iPod touch

Apple today introduced the new iPod touch with enhancements to power, capability and communication.
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For those who are asking "but why" one answer is "for my kids".
@andreasduess I think you may have alerted us to the ONLY answer!
@chrismessina these are really popular with kids who dont need a smartphone yet
@chrismessina @specialperson32 yet/ever. Wifi + literally thousands of voip/messaging apps to choose from makes the iPod Touch a very capable device.
@chrismessina Yes, for the kids. But also for all those that hate the idea of a smartphone and want to have their entire music library - that took years to import into iTunes from CDs - available to listen to anytime anywhere. Obviously, the demand isn't all too crazy, but it's nice to see Apple hasn't completely abandoned the iPod. Sure, they don't care enough about it to change up the design, but at least they care enough to keep it alive and up to date with iOS performance.
When's the Zune HD refresh? ;)
The HomePod killer 😄
I think it's great if you don't want to use your phone or don't have a stereo.