Apple Card is built into the Apple Wallet app on iPhone, offering customers a familiar experience with Apple Pay and the ability to manage their card right on iPhone.
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I am probably going to get this card.
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@joshdance I'm probably going to *try* and get this card.
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@joshdance but you should be from the USA
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I feel like Apple made this very appealing and oversold some aspects - 2% cash back. Amazing. Larger than almost any card out there. Points that most other cards use is a confusing conversion rate you need to deal with that typically doesn't work out as good as it sounds. - No late fees. Correct. But they still charge 13% - 25% APR. Lots of people are going to get confused here. - Titanium. It feels good tossing down a heavy, metal card when you're paying your bill. AmEx Black proved this. It's going to make people more likely to throw down their Apple card vs using another or paying cash. - Security and customer service: This is likely going to force a lot of other CC companies to up their game in terms of dealing with issues. Today if you have a problem being improperly charged by an App, they refund your money and take it up with the developer. Is that how it will work with payment vendors? Will become very abused, if so.
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Join a credit union that supports Apple Pay instead.


No selling of transaction data


Backed by Goldman Sachs, which has an extensive history of unethical practices

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It's interesting to see how this ended up being the product everyone is excited about, instead of News+ and TV+. Maybe a Space Grey Apple Card Pro with travel benefits could be in the works?
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Kind of stinks that the physical card is only getting 1%, so us Android phone users can't just sign up with our secondary Apple devices 😐
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@kunalslab maybe use your Apple device as your primary device? ;)
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@kunalslab Anyone else sick of the amount of time it takes the chip to be read and approved? Some places seem to take much longer on average than others too. Duane Reade = 20 sec. Chipotle = 5 sec.
@kunalslab @coconidodev maybe the secondary device is an iPad? ;) seriously though, I personally really like Apple devices but I wouldn’t want one as my main driver.
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@coconidodev @anna_0x precisely! iPad and a MacBook. I use an Android phone (coincidentally also titanium) as my primary device to stay ambidextrous with my OS design knowledge.
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@coconidodev @anna_0x @kunalslab Ditto. Use a Mac and an iPad with an Android phone. That's the ideal combination of ecosystem diversification.
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