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April 1st, 2019

See what your startup equity is worth

No one — with the possible exception of finance experts — looks at their equity package and thinks, “Yep, makes sense.” In startupland, equity can seem like a lottery ticket.

It's definitely not something to rely on or a replacement for your salary, and that can be confusing. So to help clarify, our fam at AngelList put together a short glossary of terms you're likely to see in your offer. Things like “four-year monthly vest” and “strike price” and “preference stack” and “one-year cliff.”

And we (of course) went down the rabbit hole looking for some great equity-related products as well.

Equity Calculator helps you figure out how much your equity is worth 💸

SalaryOrEquity quantifies equity as an approximate salary 👀

TLDR Options guesstimates the value of your equity visually🤔

Startup Economics helps you understand how funding events will effect your startup 💵

OptionPlan helps founders design a stock option plan with benchmarks for every role 🙌

What's your stock worth?
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Read more here and if you're interested in sharing your story with the community, let us know.
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