Equity Calculator is a simple tool created by Front to estimate the value of your startup equity.

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Hi Product Hunt! When you get a new job offer, figuring what your compensation package really means can be tricky. We wanted to share a tool we built at Front to help candidates understand how much their equity is worth, would love your feedback :)
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@collinmathilde This is great! You should partner with co-working spaces like WeWork, Galvanize, etc and offer this as a tool for all of their businesses that use their space.
@brenden_martin @collinmathilde Startup Shell will definitely be informing our ventures about it 😁
@collinmathilde I think you guys did a good job of not diving into too many details. Sometimes the precision of equity valuation gives a false sense of accuracy. Adjusting the inputs and and watching the outcome change is a great feature that helps communicate how sensitive everything is.
@collinmathilde Just saw this; lovely take on the SalaryOrEquity.com theme. Small world!
Neat tool! Far easier than setting up your own spreadsheet 🙌
This is awesome - very well done! I think it lends some credibility to early startups if they can point to an external tool, rather than only have their own projections. Of course, it all hinges on "expected outcome/exit" -- but the candidate can play with that and see the effect it has.
Très malin BRAVO.
Very useful. Thank you!