Add clickable product tags to any image and share anywhere.

#4 Product of the DayApril 01, 2019
Add product tags on any image and share them on your shop, blog or social media. Display as a pop-up on your product pages or link directly from newsletters and social media. Add an Instagram influencer feed to show customers using those products.
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Hey IH πŸ‘‹, I'm Scott from Scotland, UK. Okay puns aside, here is my second ever SaaS product - Tag. Tag was built to cater for e-commerce, bloggers and influencers that would like to add tagged products to any image. Think of it like Instagram shopping - but available anywhere. Tag allows you display these tagged images either as a pop-up on your website pages, or as a sharable URL for newsletters/social media. Additional features such as an Instagram feed to show influencers using those products or dynamic affiliate tracking aims to increase your conversions. Tag is multi-purpose - meaning it works for almost any business type. You can check out some of the examples on the homepage - https://usetag.io Pricing starts at $0 with one collection or $19.99 p/m for unlimited. Try it out and let me know your thoughts! Thanks so much, Scott 😊
Fantastic product! Such a great way to drive more conversions across any product-related content. Love the streamlined integrations with existing ecommerce platforms πŸ™Œ looking forward to trialling the product, will let you know of any feedback!
Thanks for the kind words @lachlankirkwood ! Let me know how you get on πŸ™
Really nice work Scott. Clean design and comms. Simple value prop that can totally scale!
@jeremykovac Thanks for the kind words, Jeremy!
I love this idea, this is a great 2019 product. took me a long time understand whats happening though to be honest.
@gauthamzzz thanks for your feedback. If you don't mind, what was it you didn't understand straightaway? Was it the concept of how the app works or how it's used in general? Thanks!
Big up! Simple and neat idea to help unlock the potential of user experience and journey on digital interface. Awesome @scottramsay
@felix12777 Thanks Felix!! Glad you like it :)