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#5 Product of the WeekApril 01, 2019
Proofree is a free proofreading/editing service for anyone who has something to broadcast to the world in a clear and concise manner. Texts are processed and delivered based on their place in line.
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Hi Everyone! Proofree is one of my oldest ideas. I've always wanted to provide editing services to people who don't have access to an editor, either due to financial or geographical constraints. I truly believe that communication is the key to progress and that everyone should strive to communicate clearly, whether sending out an email or writing a book. The idea here is that the service is free as long as you are willing to wait in line. The more words in the queue, the longer the wait time. If you want to skip ahead of the line, there's an option to pay a fee which corresponds to the turnaround time and the number of words in the document. As of right now, I'm the person editing texts in my free time (my main gig is director of an editing/writing agency), but I'm hoping to assemble a team of editors as submissions roll in. Thank you for checking out Proofree!
Hey Fernanda, sounds like a great idea! Curious to hear whether you think it will remain free as you bring on more editors? As @garywillmott said, I foresee so many potential revenue streams here in the future. P.S. I love the name!
@f_graciolli Very interesting, indeed. Do you have any style page in relation to how you proofread text? Which styles, frameworks, or audiences do you proofread for? How do you handle and save the text, from a privacy-oriented perspective? Are you allowed to do anything with the texts that are uploaded to you? Cheers!
@rawoyemi Hi Richard! Thanks for the feedback! I do think it will remain free to an extent. I will probably need to tweak the free word limit, number of allowed submissions per day and/or turnaround time as I get more submissions and assess workload. But, my intention is to have an "always free" version funded by these many potential revenue streams.
@niklaspivic666 Hi Niklas! Great questions. Right now I'm accepting all kinds of texts. I'm a professional editor, so I can handle most of it. However, I will outsource some texts that I feel less comfortable with. For example, I just received a fiction submission and I feel more comfortable having a fiction editor take that one. As of right now, this product is very basic. The text is saved to a database and sent directly to my email. I wouldn't recommend sending over very sensitive material just yet. The only thing I will do to the texts submitted is edit and provide feedback. I'll never use the texts in any other way or share with anyone else. To be honest, I had no idea this would get so much interest. Over the next week, I'll be working hard to make Proofree much more secure and robust. I'll start by making a FAQ page where questions like yours are answered, as well as drafting a Terms of Use and Privacy Policy so people can feel more confident submitting their material.
Brilliant Idea Fernanda, it would be great if you could just paste the text in a text field instead of uploading a file. There are some many revenue model opportunities on this, good luck!
@garywillmott Hi Gary. Thanks so much for the feedback. I've implemented a paste text feature. Now you can choose how to submit your text. It's pretty basic as of right now but I'll be rolling out new features and improving existing ones every day now that I know there's some interest brewing. Thanks again.
Me and @nbashaw used to run a small newsletter called Startup Edition. Members in the group would regularly share drafts of their blog post for feedback using Draft. I find their input and suggested edits was very useful and helped me become a better writer. Nice work, @f_graciolli, and love the "get what you give" model. πŸ‘πŸΌ
@nbashaw @rrhoover Thanks, Ryan. I definitely want to take the approach of "helping others become better writers" by not only providing edits, but also useful and thoughtful feedback. Just checked out Draft and it seems like a very cool tool. Thanks for sharing.
How is this scalable?
@kraftykyle Hi Kyle, I've thought a lot about scalability. What you see here is the very, very beginning of a much larger product, one with a lot more (paid) offers. Free proofreading will always be the main attraction, but it'll be a gateway rather than an endpoint.
Oh my God! 😭 where was this during my thesis submission. Great idea.