Use iMessage on any Android phone 💬

#3 Product of the DayApril 01, 2019
Apple’s messaging network has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, though it has long been locked down to their platforms. But now, AirMessage makes it easy to send and receive iMessages on any Android device.
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What are the odds Apple can shut this down? I've heard other solutions in the past relied on loopholes that Apple closed after a while.
@hemanth_soni yeah prob will get shut down soon i'd guess
@hemanth_soni @_jacksmith This isn't violating any rules or regulations. You aren't sending messages from your Android Phone. You are actually sending messages from your Mac. It is kinda like teamviewer, controlling your mac wirelessly (this is an oversimplification) .
This isn't the first time something like this popped up. A few years ago there was a similar product, turned out all the requests were proxied through a mac mini somewhere in China or something. Lots of people were changing their apple id passwords in a frenzy :)
@matijaabicic In this case, your own Mac is the "server" that is receiving the messages and relaying them to the Android app. I don't think it's a problem with this one.
Not an April Fool's prank! 👀
@svenvdz really, watch this 🙊
Very interesting! Just the other day I was watching a video with a bunch of Youtubers mentioning this was one of their main issue with Android. Curious to see where this goes.

Definitely a cool technical project. I could have got on board except that I would have needed a dedicated Mac as a server host. I obviously can't use my day-to-day Mac for that, as I'm carrying it around with me most of the time. That prevents me from making AirMessage my go-to texting app bc I wouldn't be able to use it on the go. And if it's not my go-to app I'd rather remove it (for privacy reasons) and just use my native Android messaging. If I really need to iMessage someone I'll just stick with using my Mac and icloud address.


- Works as advertised - Gives very detailed instructions


- Potentially very intrusive from a privacy standpoint - Does not have all the iMessage features - Need a dedicated host Mac