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Getting into college is too hard. With Sidedoor, you can easily purchase college acceptances at top universities, including Yale, USC, Georgetown, and more. You're different. Why apply like everyone else?
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Hi Product Hunt family! One of the biggest problems that we've faced in our life has been getting admitted to a top university. At some top schools, the acceptance rate can be as low as 4 or 5% of applicants. It's way too competitive. So, we set out to solve this pain point and the result is Sidedoor. Sidedoor partners with coaches at the nation's top university to guarantee your admission at colleges including Yale, USC, and many more. In just a few clicks, you'll be able to reserve a spot at the school of your choice. No legacy status required. And don't worry, you don't need to be athletic - just wealthy! Hope you enjoy the service, and please let us know your thoughts! Eric
April Fools, hahah! Jokes aside I have to say I always thought "admissions" when you want to receive education... just doesn't make sense to me. There needs to be a required minimum knowledge so you can successfully complete your studies, but having to compete for a chance to learn - I hope this becomes obsolete (through remote education, etc.).
@nikolaytsenkov Couldn't agree more. But in all fairness, there needs to be a threshold of acumen for acceptance, so you don't have a student pool of extreme ranges of intellect (on one side the studious, on the other the uneducated). This merging will let the "uneducated' sully the "bright". In other words, there needs to be some type of selection committee to manage the student pool's intelligence otherwise there will be damage. So you need admissions but their decisions shouldn't be based on anything but knowledge and performance. Not to say that selling exclusivity is a good way to package education. I, too, hope this becomes obsolete.I think that online education is the strongest candidate to upend this archaic system.
Too soon πŸ˜‚
HAHAHA this is hysterical. Cherry on top? Built by Kapwing. @juliaenthoven and @realericlu β€” love your blog and this is genius. Continue to inspire!!!
@juliaenthoven @jakemor Appreciate all the support!

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